Crystal studded Hello Kitty doghouse sells for over $30K

Andrea Divirgilio / July 9, 2007

hello kitty doghouse 48

Luxury has its own meaning for everyone. If you are an uber-rich fashion-conscious pet owner and looking forth to some exclusive treatment for your beloved dog, you really need to take a look at the crystal-studded Hello Kitty doghouse. Hello Kitty is all the rage these days among children and pretty young women. The magnificent fancy residence offers enough space to fit a small lapdog like a chihuahua or terrier. Festooned with 7,600 crystal beads, this fancy residence has a pillow in the shape of Hello Kitty’s face. The dog bed has been specially designed for a special sales event in a department store in Tokyo. I know you are already thinking of buying one to mollycoddle your lapdog in a royal style but I want you to check your account balance too as this blingy Hello Kitty doghouse sells for $31,660.

via USAToday

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