Cullen’s Houston recreates Titanic’s Final Meal for $12,000 to mark 100th Anniversary
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Cullen’s Houston recreates Titanic’s Final Meal for $12,000 to mark 100th Anniversary

Cullen’s Houston recreates Titanic’s Final Meal for $12,000 to mark 100th Anniversary

Now that the 100th anniversary of the tragic event of the Titanic buy albuterol online crash is around the corner, various related events such as auctions and exclusive dining events are taking place, to recreate the magnum opus impression of what the passenger ship was during its existence. Such has been the interest among people, that some have agreed to shell out hefty sums of money, just to bring with them even the smallest of memorabilia. We showed you a few of them in our list of

In order to create the special ambience, the dining space has been organized at the ‘Macy’s Table’, where the table and sitting area are suspended in mid air. Perhaps, the ship passengers’ experience gets a rehash from its abstract design. Other than that, vintage sophistication is galore with the interior décor and ambience, which brings to life the times and experience when the Titanic existed. The Executive Chef, Paul Lewis than pitches in with an extensively researched menu, which has on buy Lamisil online buy atarax tablets - we have 100's of hard-to-find pharmacies ... atarax online offer all those elaborate and sumptuous delicacies, which were also on the particular menu of the Titanic. It’s no surprise to know that there will 10 courses on offer, beginning with the Hors D’oeuvres (appetizers) and ending on the 10th course which are the Fromage (cheese).

Macy's Table dining area

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Each course of the French styled menu will include various specialties, some of which we mention here. Hors D’oeuvres will be Oysters ala Russe Canapes a l'Amiral, followed by Poached Scottish salmon sauce Mouselline. The 4th cheap Paxil course in the middle of all will have non-vegetarian options such as roast duck with mint sauce, or roast rack of lamb, or even Sirloin of beef.

Poached Salmon in Sauce Mousseline

Towards the end, what got us sweet toothed folks interested were the Waldorf pudding and the Vanilla Éclairs with French vanilla ice-cream. However, what Chef Lewis also points out, that a few contemporary touches have been placed to ensure that the modern diner has the optimum experience, which will be truly exclusive in their memories.

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Via: Market Watch/ CullensHouston

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