Custom made Avengers movie themed desk is perfect for prop display

Andrea Divirgilio / January 3, 2012

When it comes to creating custom made furniture, and realizing your fantasies through them, the one person who came to your aid is Tom Spina, who has created marvels like the Throne chair and the Carbonite Desk. In the latest display of his genius, he has managed to create the custom made Avengers desk, for a lucky Mark Hall who is known to auction off his limited edition pieces of furniture for charity auctions, which too might be the case for this one-off table. Inspired by the recent movie franchise, this table has space for a lot of other memorabilia and is rather perfect for prop display.

Avengers movie themed desk

The ideation and creativity was bought on to a platform when Tom Spina and Richard Riley got together, and asked Mr. Hall to step in with his inputs. Apart from the designing, Mr. Hall put in his collection of official movie memorabilia, including the Iron Man helmet, Thor’s Hammer, Captain America’s shield, and the Nick Fury needle gun. As one might know, these fictional characters will be a part of the Avengers movie, and the memorabilia are actually a part of this desk, that has been created with faux stone. Now, it struck us too, as we never heard of this fiber, but apparently it has a very realistic appearance of a stone, without being as heavy and tough. However, the table is made to look replete with the metallic edges, internal lighting and carved spaces for the props, hidden chambers, and made complete with a glass slab top. So, for all the sci-fi movie geeks out there, we would suggest sparing some your cash towards these extra terrestrial ideas of home décor.

Avengers movie themed desk

Via: Tom Spina Designs

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