Custom-built 1960 Riva Tritone Special Cadillac Powerboat up for auction
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Custom-built 1960 Riva Tritone Special Cadillac Powerboat up for auction

Custom-built 1960 Riva Tritone Special Cadillac Powerboat up for auction

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Roncoroni was noted to be a competitive sailor despite his main achievements as an industrialist. He went on to represent Italy in sport of boating, during the 1948 Olympic Games. He had a requested Strattera online the construction of an unique edition from the Tritone series, which was the flagship range from Riva. Hence, his ideas were transferred on to this handcrafted wood laden master boat, that is now up for auction.

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1960 Riva Tritone Special Cadillac Powerboat interior sees a lot of white, blue and red color fabrications

Ribot III as it was called by Achielle Roncoroni, also reached many records for its speed. It broke all barriers set then, and reached a top speed of 96 km/ph, which was a record for Riva boats powered by stock engines fast delivery Brand Viagra and propellers. However, it was later sold to it's current owner in the 1970's, meaning that there have been just 2 owners so far in the 40+ years of its existence.

1960 Riva Tritone Special Cadillac Powerboat broke speed records reaching 96 km/ph during trial runs

The auctioneers peg the price of this precious vessel to be in the region of €550,000 and €750,000 ($717,781 and $978,793). Also, do check out some of the others famous yacht auctions, such as the Agouti yacht sale, Curtis Flying Boat, and the 163-foot Triton Megayacht for sale. This trend shows, that other than just cars and bikes, the boats and yachts just as precious for collectors.

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Via: RM Auctions

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