Most expensive custom made dollhouses from Mulvany & Rogers: Exclusive
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Most expensive custom made dollhouses from Mulvany & Rogers: Exclusive

Most expensive custom made dollhouses from Mulvany & Rogers: Exclusive

Dollhouses from Mulvany & Rogers

The Britishers have long been known for collecting dollhouses or miniature versions of buildings as decorative pieces. With time, the demand had been present in other Cytotec online countries also as the moneyed buyers kept on recreating these miniature buildings with graphic detailing, and using precious gems in them. A demonstration of that can be seen in our recent coverage of the Coleen Moore dollhouse. One of the main designers involved in making these miniature houses is Mulvany & Rogers, and this list provides a few of their latest geniuses.

1) Ghost of Versailles

Ghosts of Versailles Dollhouse

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Price: $ 29,023

Versailles is a town in country of France, which was one of the resident cities of the former emperor of that country. This dollhouse brings to life the palace of Versailles, which was known to be haunted by supernatural, and the detailing in the dollhouses features all that has been left over in the place. phenergan sales phenergan price us Promethazine without prescription Proscar buy The chandeliers and the wall murals have all been recreated with the minutest of details including the gold-work involved. The size of this piece is 81cm in width, 16cm in depth and 66cm in length. It is ideally suited as a wall showcase piece for private libraries.

2) Classic English Gothic House

Classic English Gothick Dollhouse

Price: $19,347- 22,572

The classic gothic houses are direct reminiscent miniatures of the Victorian era mansions, especially in the city of London. The exterior of the dollhouse has been done with detailing, including the gold plating on the edges of the walls and those of the entrance of the house. There are options for further customization of the dollhouse which prozac rx online, cheap prozac next day delivery , is prozac a narcotic 2012,: buy prozac online!!! here from top ten online pharmacies would include similar finesse in the interiors of the house, but shall cost the buyer even more.

3) Georgian Shop

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Georgian Shop

Price: $25,803

Georgian shops are known to have a charm of their own, and are found in almost all parts of the United Kingdom. This miniature version of the Georgian shops has all graphic details including miniatures of display products such as shoes, cakes or anything that one might prefer to see at shops like these. If one opts for a larger structure, there is the a choice of building apartments above the shop to create a realistic Cytotec generic structure. One of the customers, who bought this dollhouse, ordered it for displaying her family jewels in it, as one might notice this shop to be a perfect showpiece for the living room.

Other samples of brilliance from the designer duo of Mulvany & Rogers include the Real life London House, the 18th century English town house, and the Grand Stone House. Looking at them, one can safely spends hours of their time in admiring the brilliance and finesse of their miniature buildings.

Via: Mulvany & Rogers

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