Custom Harley Davidson 1949 Panhead by DK Motorrad

Andrea Divirgilio / March 23, 2011

harley davidson 1949 panhead by christian de kant

For motorbike lovers who treasure their Harleys, but are looking to explore the custom-made territory to add to their rich collection, let us introduce you to Christian de Kant, a 21-year-old custom bike builder from the south side of Switzerland. Christian de Kant of DK Motorrad builds high-end custom bikes based on old-school frames from the ’40s and ’50s. Christian draws his inspiration for building bikes in Japanese and American cultures, and he tries to give them a bit of the European flavor of being well built. The motorcycle, pictured above, is a Harley Davidson 1949 Panhead. It is a motorcycle built with the idea of staying true to the way choppers were built in the ’70s all through the Bay area.

All the major components, such as the engine, trans and frame are original 1949, however; they have been rebuilt by Christian, making them more reliable. Custom fabrication is handmade – the foot pegs, sissy bar (rear tail section), handle bars and exhausts. The tank and fender are parts collected of the years. The front tire is 21″ with an Avon tire and the rear is a 16″ with an Avon tire. Jimmy Mannaia has done the paint job.

The DK Motorrad’s 1949 Panhead is priced at €40,000 ($56,850). Prices for other custom bikes by Christian de Kant range from €30,000 to €100,000 ($42,625 to $142,100), with an exception to special requests.

Thanks, Christian de Kant

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