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Custom Harley-Davidsons cloaked in perfection

Andrea Divirgilio / April 26, 2011

custom harley davidsons

Riding, but most importantly, owning a Harley Davidson motorcycle is an honor and a privilege only a few can afford. Bike enthusiasts know very well that a Harley-Davidson is by definition a work of art. Still, they dare to create something even more special out of a Harley. Here we have some of the most amazing, drop-dead gorgeous custom Harley-Davidsons. Check them out…

• The ONE by Fat Attack AG

the one by fat attack ag

This is one hell of a Harley. Pictured above is “The One” from Switzerland-based Fat Attack AG. The name from the fact that Fat Attack considers it the best ever showcase of their ability to produce a very high performance reliable bike that you can title, legally ride and service at any Harley-Davidson dealer. The body of The One is made of titanium, aluminum and carbon fiber, thereby reducing the weight by 60kg. The power has been increased to 110HP.

• Bell & Ross Harley-Davidson Nascafe Racer

bell ross x harley davidson

Built by Shaw Harley-Davidson, the premiere Harley dealer in England, in collaboration with luxury watch marker Bell & Ross, the one-off Nascafe Racer is for the bike lovers who also have a passion for watches. The unique motorcycle is based on the Harley-Davidson FXSTB Softail Nightrain. The timepiece is mounted in a handcrafted center console using a machined section of aluminum, and the bike has been given a custom paint job in a combination of anodised blue, carbon and stealth-like matte black to reflect the timepiece.

• Jack Armstrong’s million dollar Harley

jack armstrongs million dollar harley

On October 21, 2010, artist Jack Armstrong’s million-dollar Cosmic Starship Harley Davidson was unveiled at Bartels Harley-Davidson in Marina Del Rey, California. At $1,000,000, this is the world’s first and only million-dollar Harley.

• Steampunk Harley-Davidson

barro chopper

There are very few people who can challenge the king of custom bike builders, Ferry Clot, but the manufacturers of Barro seems more than convincing. This customized bike exhibits a great amount of steampunkish looks, but given its T-Sable Springer engine and Harley-Davidson transmission, Barro would vaporize the best factory-made cookie cutters.

• Harley-Davidson Unorthodox

harley davidson unorthodox by warrs of london

The Unorthodox by London-based custom Harley-Davidson designer Charlie Stockwell of Warr’s Harley-Davidson flaunts an attention-grabbing cocktail of chrome and carbon fiber, along with neo-vintage styling. Almost everything on the Unorthodox has been handmade by Stockwell himself. He stripped down the original Harley-Davidson Fatboy, leaving behind just the engine and chassis.

• Hubless Harley

howards hubless harley

Inspired by a Hubless motorcycle spotted at Daytona, New Jersey-based Howards Killer Customs spent a cool US $150,000 on the Hubless Custom to reveal its capabilities. Most of the mechanics are ingeniously kept on the other side of the bike. The project, which completed in 4,000 hours after 2 years of R&D, was started just with only a 300 x18 tire, a 1974 swing arm frame and a 21-inch front wheel.

• Harley-Davidson 1949 Panhead

harley davidson 1949 panhead by dk motorrad

Let us first introduce you to Christian de Kant, a 21-year-old custom bike builder from the south side of Switzerland, who builds high-end custom bikes based on old-school frames from the ’40s and ’50s. The Harley motorcycle, pictured above, is a Harley-Davidson 1949 Panhead. It is a motorcycle built with the idea of staying true to the way choppers were built in the ’70s all through the Bay area. All the major components, such as the engine, trans and frame are original 1949, however, they have been rebuilt by Christian, making them more reliable.

• Pharrell’s Custom Harley-Davidson

pharrells custom harley davidson

Rides Magazine teamed Pharrell up with bike builder Doug Keim of Creative Cycles and Harley Davidson to create this custom motorcycle.

• Horst Dzhangmen’s Harley

horst dzhangmens custom built harley

This awesome custom built Harley 1.4301 is created by Horst Dzhangmen. The wonderful machine, as per Horst, has everything hand built other than engine and frame. The great mesmerizer is not a one day wonder but took considerably too long a time (2006-2009) to cut all parts in the form of hexagon to give it eye-catching looks.

• Damien Hirst Harley-Davidson

damien hirst harley davidson

This colorful custom Harley is courtesy of Damien Hirst, the British artist well known for his $100 million skull. The one-of-a-kind Harley-Davidson Cross Bones motorcycle was auctioned off for the Project Angel Food charity in California. The motorbike was painted with Hirst’s signature rainbow-hued spin design.

• Custom built Il Padrino

custom built il padrino

What happens when the Italian masters of Custombike use engine and gearbox from Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 as a base and place it in a redneck frame with its custombike fork and use Wilwood 4-piston caliper brakes? This will altogether form the coherent whole of a spectacular bike that you’ll see in surprise on the road: Il Padrino.

• Strike True II Harley

strike true ii harley

Shaw Harley-Davidson won the first prize in the Modified Harley-Davidson class of the Ace Cafe london Motorcycle and Custom Show in 2010 for its Strike True II, a custom 2010 Harley-Davidson Softail Crossbones motorcycle. The motorcycle features a number of modifications, including a handmade rear fender, fabricated petrol tank, 1940s-style speedster handlebars and custom paintwork.

• House of Thunder Harley-Davidson

house of thunder harley davidson

At a whopping $22.7 million, this customized Harley-Davidson Rocker from the House of Thunder is really expensive, but the fact that it comes along with a a 45metre transoceanic yacht built by Sunrise Yachts compensates for the same. The motorcycle features a cleaned-up frame, hand-fashioned fenders and fuel tank as well as foldable handlebar to ease entrance in the garage on the boat.

Let’s take a look at the world’s most expensive motorcyles.

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