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Custom Inflatable Waterslide is the ultimate water toy for Yacht Owners

Andrea Divirgilio / August 17, 2012

For the billionaire yacht owners, there is more to cruising in style with the modern superyacht toys; from a recreational floating island for a private island experience anytime, anywhere to a $35,000 sea cabana, the superyacht owners love to indulge in water sports. So, for the rich kids of the one percent looking for thrill when sailing, FreeStyle Slides has designed “The Freestyle Cruiser” custom made water slide specially meant for the yachts. The unique inflatable slide reinvents the sport of sliding with a 45 degree drop for real sliding fun. Each individual Freestyle Cruiser is custom built to the exacting specifications of your yacht.

Inflatable Waterslide


There is no “off the shelf” slide that fits all ships, but the standard versions include a leg supported (LS) or non leg supported (NLS) version. The LS version is recommended for slides that exceed heights greater than 5 meters and the NLS versions can be used on slides that are just over 5m and smaller. Both versions have multiple anchor points on the slide body and legs for lashing lines back to the ship. There is no word on the price tag of these custom inflatable yacht slides.

Waterslide for yachts

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