Custom Made 200 Carat Rare Amethyst Necklace by Shirley Ephraim
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Custom Made 200 Carat Rare Amethyst Necklace by Shirley Ephraim

Custom Made 200 Carat Rare Amethyst Necklace by Shirley Ephraim

LACE + ARMOR how to buy Plan B ushers in an earthy spell paying due credence to its creator Shirley Ephraim. The collection was debuted during Armory Arts Week. LACE + ARMOR revisits artist Shirley Ephraim’s design informativeness as was showcased in the 2009 Oscar nominated film, ‘The Visitor’. Ephraim’s jewelry collection derives strength from traditional and ancient hand-made craftsmanship whereby Ephraim envisages blending in the old with newer expectation of the new-age women as regards jewelry choice.

Silk Lace Necklace Designed by Artist & Fine-Jeweler SHIRLEY EPHRAIM

Re-salvaged precious gold, antiqued bronze and reusable 19th century sterling silver forms an baclofen tablets. buy baclofen online. baclofen price . cheap lioresal. purchase lioresal. buy lioresal online. buy baclofen . baclofen cost . generic baclofen . integral component of Shirley Ephraim’s design repertoire. Ephraim’s creations stand the test of time by unraveling her design creativity through motifs drawn from nature, world travels and intricacies of traditional handicrafts.

Hand-crafted neck, hand, and ear adornments, including lace-sleeved, corset “body-shield” necklaces that were reminiscent of ancient battle dress, provides inactive ingredients in generic fluoxetine generic zoloft versus zoloft generic zoloft message boards order Sertraline buy fluoxetine online no prescription purchase fluoxetine online cheapest fluoxetine generic prozac fluoxetine cheap  an exquisite lineage for Ephraim’s classic jewelry creations.

The Fine Earth Jewelry is a tribute to traditional jewelry-making that was reflective of ancient hand-weaved craftsmanship and lace-making techniques of the 17th century. This collection primarily attempts to make use of earthy and naturally sourced materials such as bronze and ancient “Cire-Perdue” brass which are hand washed prior to buy cheap prednisone online without prescription 5 days ago prednisone 20 mg prices low cost buy prednisone : health direct institutional pharmacy  use.

Designed by Artist and fine-jeweler Shirley Ephraim

The piece de’ resistance of the Fine Earth Shirley long term use of prozac whats the street price for prozac 20mg will 120 mg prozac be a stimulant prozac 20 mg effects alternating prozac 10 mg and 20 mg. purchase fucidin Ephraim collection is the bespoke and rare Amethyst multi-gemstone necklace weighing 200 carat. The necklace is an exotic blend of rare but naturally obtained uncut precious gemstone.

The amethysts necklace displays Ephraim’s signature overture of hand-woven metallic lace with a silken finish and weighs approximately 200.14 carats. Each of the studded gemstones has buy Plavix been handpicked by Shirley Ephraim herself such that each stud is unique to the other making the laced-necklace exquisite and novel.

This year ,earnings from the sale of the amethysts necklace will form an integral part of the 2012 Christie's Green Auction. Select pieces of Ephraim’s creations were buy metoclopramide online earlier auctioned under CHRISTIE’s 2010 and 2011 Green Auction: A Bid to Save the Earth.

In fact, the highest bidder at the NY auction will have the opportunity to undergo a private consultation with artist Shirley Ephraim at her New York City studio. The reward is in the form of a made-to-order 16”-18” multi-stone necklace embellished with gems of the bidder’s choice.

Via: CharityBuzz/ Shirley Ephraim

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