Custom road bike boasts carbon fiber body with custom electronic controls
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Custom road bike boasts carbon fiber body with custom electronic controls

Custom road bike boasts carbon fiber body with custom electronic controls

A2Z lightweight carbon fiber bike

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For those taking a more eco friendly approach towards maintaining their health, a bicycle is indeed an important method of achieving that goal of fitness. And if the cyclist is from the moneyed bracket, extra features and customizations follow the suit. Taking this route is the A2Z Aero lightweight cycle, which boasts of a super lightweight body with aerodynamic looks, and electronic controls for easy controlling on the road, along Buy Prozac with the obvious health benefits attached.

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This cycle has been designed by a team which has a keen eye for the Formula 1 races, hence has taken designing expertise from the vehicles, and used them in the cycle to create a perfect product for the enthusiastic cyclist. The frame of the cycle is a carbon fiber structure, along with aluminum fittings such as the clamshells. This has ended up reducing the overall weight of the frame to below one 1 kg, making it extremely easy and light to handle. Plus, specific aerodynamic tests have been carried out to ensure that the geometry of the bike and aero dynamicity are not compromised. Other salient features include the electronic gear shifting powered by the cabling within the frame of the bike, perfect stiffness buy Retin-A to weight ratio, and also the size 56 wheels which help in covering larger distances in shorter time. Other unique mechanics include the front derailleur bracket, rear derailleur hanger and sophisticated cabling which we had earlier talked about.

For the buyers, there are 2 options available; a mechanical version and a fully equipped electronic version. The mechanical one shall cost you $9,424, while electronic version costs $12,324. Both these versions come as separate kits, which can be assembled at one’s convenience, and also ensure freedom for further customizations. If you like to know more about some designer cycles like these, you Propranolol best prices bula d remedi zyban, buy zyban nline eurpe, chantix zyban cst, where t buy zyban nline, much des zyban cst australia, cheap rder zyban, online zyban. could take a look at our coverage of the Damien Hirst ICA gala bike, and the Ross Lovegroove Biomega bike.

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Via: Bike Rumour

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