Eco-friendly Cutting Board with built-in flexible LCD display

Andrea Divirgilio / April 7, 2008

digital cutting board

The ubiquitous kitchen cutting board has now got a new lease of life with Nardo Design’s new high-tech Digital Cutting Board. This board comes with a flexible, yes you heard right, flexible LCD display that displays cooking instructions on it so that you can conjure up that meal, perfectly. And, while doing so, you can also read up downloaded recipes that you might want to try out. All this, right at the place where all the cooking happens, your kitchen. The brainchild of design student, Marc Nardangeli, this cooking board has a very chic design that will make cooking look and even feel, very high tech. The cutting board sits on grippy rubber feet which support an acrylic board. the acrylic board contains the circuitry to run the flexible LCD panel which sits on top of it. All this is packaged neatly on on top of the other and is sealed with a safety tempered glass panel which allows finger based, touchscreen operation. You can even connect this cutting board to download the cooking recipes.

The unit is topped off with stylish chromium handles on both ends. Now, for the environment friendly bit, all the components use environmentally friendly components that include the lead and bromide free circuit board and the non toxic chromium handle. Though it is still a concept, looking at it’s terrific functionality, we think it will make waves soon in the commercial kitchenware market.

via ProductDesignForums

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