CXC Motion Pro II simulator is for professional-level racing experience at home
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CXC Motion Pro II simulator is for professional-level racing experience at home

CXC Motion Pro II simulator is for professional-level racing experience at home

With gaming buy Dapoxetine online becoming more serious by the day, especially the racing variety, there has always been a pull on the technology firms to pull off something which could be counted as a professional piece of equipment for the serious gamers. We saw some high-end equipment, such as the Cockpit GT3 and the Sim Racer 4000 simulators, but taking a step even further is the CXC Motion Pro II Simulator, which some professionals in the industry say might be the best option in the world.

CXC Motion Pro II simulator

To take realism closer to the experience gamers will have on this simulator, fabrics used on real time racing cars have been used here on the device hardware; this includes aluminum, steel and prozac 20 mg price in pakistan prozac no prescription needed adderall vs prozac for migraines fluoxetine 5ht2a prozac 2 weeks pms fluoxetine reviews australia get Paxil carbon fiber. This brings in a lot of the ruggedness we see in the real cars. The gadgetry primarily includes the rack mounted custom built simulation computer with 3 large co-joined flat-screens, and its motion sensing system which operates with a host of games like the F1, GT, NASCAR, Race 07, and R-Factor on a variety of simulated road surfaces and arenas. Accompanied by the 505 Watt 5.1 surround sound audio system, and the high definition video and motion sensing, gaming gets just as exciting as doing the real thing.

Other significant additions will be the linear, fully-progressive spring tension, and pressure sensitive pedals with industrial grade potentiometers, F1 grade Sparco 270 LN/SN steering wheel, helical geared drive motor system with the motion sensitive flexible seat, which all have completed to created the perfect packaging for professional gaming. But be sure to allot separate space for this simulator as the size isn’t the most compact. But then when it comes to realistic gaming of this level, there is little to complain about.

You can configure your own CXC simulator. The price range go up to $32,000, with $8,000 for the panoramic display.

The guys at CXC simulations sure did an awesome job of it!

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