Rip the waters with the single-seat Performance Water Cycle

Andrea Divirgilio / April 26, 2008

water cycle cK6Qt 48
How about doing some cycling to keep fit, but this time on water. Oh yes, you can do all of this and a little more with the Performance Water Cycle available at Hammacher. This water cycle is based on a very unusual design in which you actually sit on it like you would on a conventional bicycle and then start pedalling the kayak-like craft. Pedal power will propel this craft to a top speed of just 7mph but speed is not the primary reason why this craft has been built. Instead, it is built for you to amble across the lake on a boring Sunday afternoon or even workout every day on it. To stop, you need to pedal, but this time backwards. The craft’s stable hull is made up of strong and leak-proof fiberglass and the bicycle frame sits on strong aluminium. To turn around or change direction, you just need to turn the handle-bars which is connected to the rudder beneath the craft, just like in a conventional bicycle . The Performance Water cycle goes for a tad under three grand, $2999.95 to be very precise.

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