The D7 valve preamplifier is finished in 9-carat gold

Andrea Divirgilio / February 22, 2012

From recent trend in high-end consumer electronics, the use of gold seems to have become a growing trend. Though the reasons could be varied, the main would be the extra novelty and aesthetic value that it adds to anything created with it. We have previously shown you some examples like the En & IS megaphones, WA 234 monoamp, and the Gold Amp A100 that have used this precious metal as an differentiating factor functioning. Expanding that brigade even further is the Dalby Audio Design’s D7 pre-amplifier, which is aimed at looking great, and lending the Midas touch to the sound output emancipating from it.

D7 valve pre-amplifier

Clearly aimed at those audiophiles who wouldn’t budge for anything less than perfection, and wouldn’t mind paying some premium for it, the D7 valve pre-amplifier brings in a 9-carat gold plated body, apart from the other premium fabrication within the casing. That would include the 30mm thick mahogany lining and 3mm copper internal chassis, which also play crucial role in ensuring the high quality acoustics expected from them. Apart from that, there are some high-grade specimens of engineering involved, including the PSU topology, and the Isolation Feet, aided by the mono crystal copper and pure silver internal wiring, which are known for their high conductivity. Breaking in down, the PSU topology includes the choke input, shunt regulation, and X2 KYOKU transformers, whereas the Isolation Feet comprises of the 60mm diameter carbon fiber unit with tri-ceramic bearing, and also the 34mm diameter carbon fiber PSU.

D7 valve pre-amplifier

Hopefully the complications and craftsmanship brings about some plus point in this gadgetry. For a 100K load, the frequency response can be measured at 15 Hz- 40 KHz, taking care of even the most delicate sounds. But the interesting point in the whole set up, is the power consumption, which is below 100 Watts. So, your electricity bills are taken care of too! But buying this D7 pre-amplifier will cost its buyer $82,170 (£52,000). Though not very surprising for the most demanding audiophile, but this one could very well be a part of the set up of the rich boys for their personal AV rooms and theaters.

D7 valve pre-amplifier

Via: Dalby/ Audio Lifestyle

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