Dacor’s Discovery WineStation for home lets you choose the right wine and just the right amount

Andrea Divirgilio / April 24, 2013

When one spends the extra amount to buy the perfect bottle of wine, it is paramount that just right amount is poured into the glass each time, and that too the right selection. Wine tasters may be at an advantage due to their expertise, but for those who don’t have this advantage, an automated wine dispenser is the gadget to look for. We have previously shown some advanced dispensers such as Vinotemp Dual-zone, Santa Barbara dispenser, and the Vin au Verre dispenser, all of which performed a multitude of functions for the fine wine taster. Now Dacor’s Discovery WineStation goes one-up to provide the additional benefit of choosing the right wine and that too in the right quantity. This additional innovation, gives the discerning wine tasters the perfect appliance, to extract the most out of their wine drinking experience. They come for a price tag of $5,299 from Dacor stores.

Dacor Discovery WineStation helps select the right wine and right quantity for perfect tasting

The wine dispensing unit of the station, is 4-bottle unit, which can dispense the chosen one via the help of the LCD touchscreen placed on the above control panel. Along with the wine, one can control the quantity as being a half glass or a full glass. However, that’s not where the Dacor WineStation story ends. After each bottle is opened, the special argon gas preservation system ensures, that the freshness of the wine content inside each bottle is preserved over longer durations of time, and also that there are no pollutants getting blended with the contents of the bottle. All of this is controllable rather easily from the LCD control panel placed on the upper side of the upper side of the stainless machine unit.

Dacor Discovery WineStation fits well into the decor just about anywhere

With the smooth finishing of the body, the WineStation fits in the personal bar, or even the one at a restaurant outlet with varied kind of décor and ambience. It is easy to clean as well, meaning that the pre-party decking up won’t take much long. If there are children around, who tend to poke at everything they get, then the there are child safety locks in the system to prevent any mishap. For the likes of it, fits the bill of a perfect appliance for evenings heavy with wine fellowships.

Via: Dacor

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