Daewoo bares a digital folding screen with four LCDs

Andrea Divirgilio / August 30, 2008

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Folding screens have always been considered as a wonderful alternative to add a bit of privacy or screen of an area that you don’t to expose. Till now such dividers sported plain-jane look or some oriental print in the center to brighten it up. However we have featured an avant-garde digital folding screen from Hyundai in the first month of this year. Keeping pace with the same concept, Daewoo too has come up with DID-FS, a digital folding screen with four integrated LCD panels. Emerging at the recent IFA show in Berlin, it managed to turn many heads with its ability to display different content on each of the screen.

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Each screen is positioned vertically and set within a wood-like frame that can be folded out into four equal sections. That’s all that we have about digitalized room dividers.

Via Reghardware

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