The Dalmore Constellation Collection has world’s finest single malts

Andrea Divirgilio / May 2, 2012

With whisky selection and investing becoming a serious business in the recent times, Dalmore as a brand seems to have cashed in big time to build its reputation, and become the pride of those who spend their money on them. With a shorter span of time, the brand’s top offerings have been known to return close to 200% of their invested sum, thus catching the roving eye of investors. We had earlier seen some of their prime examples like the Zenith and the Lutwyche Partners collection, but the Constellation series whiskies take it just a step further. With vintages from 1964 till 1992, there are a total of 21 individual ‘expressions’ of the finest malt over these years in this package, stated to be worth $255,482. The World Duty Free Group even has 2 collections of them, comprising of the No. 1 & No.8 bottles of each year.

Dalmore Constellation Collection malt whiskys

From something which is as exclusive as the Constellation collection, it has to be amidst a setting that truly matches the British flavor of the beverage: the Heathrow Airport in London. Launched in the presence of Dalmore’s master distiller Richard Paterson, the royal suite at the airport was chosen as the venue, where Mr. Paterson described and demonstrated the art of whisky tasting, and what specifically this collection of rare single malts would be about. The location of the royal suite, as some would know, is in the T5 terminal of the Heathrow airport, where members of the British royal family, and other royalties of the world depart from when they use the airport. However, the collection of which 2 units have already been displayed at the Duty Free outlet will have bottles which range in price from $3,233 to $32,333, and vintages from 1964 to 1992.

These special bottles are an amalgamation of the 1st and 8th bottles of the vintage series, which make up the entire set. This also renders them truly exclusive as a cluster of fine malts. However, the Constellation series in entirety will have 20,000 bottles in all, and plan to release 4,000 of them each year. So those of you who either are connoisseurs or would look to build more cash balances from trading these fine malts, head to the nearest Dalmore outlet to these jewels to your crown.

Via: The Dalmore

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