The Dalmore Zenith is one of the oldest and rarest bottles of whisky to go up for auction
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The Dalmore Zenith is one of the oldest and rarest bottles of whisky to go up for auction

The Dalmore Zenith is one of the oldest and rarest bottles of whisky to go up for auction

The rare breed of Scotch whisky is no more just a bottle to be cherished Nolvadex online for the contents inside. It is also the new age investment avenue, where collectors and connoisseurs peruse with dogged interest. We had actually shown you a complete guide to tasting and investing in fine whiskeys earlier last year, which was about the rarest and finest from the house of Dalmore. The now Indian owned brand has introduced its latest masterpiece with the Zenith edition, which combines 3 rare Scotch whiskeys, including the Dalmore 1964, the Dalmore 1951, and also a 52-year old whisky, all of which are almost extinct. This means that there will be only 1 bottle for sale, which is now up for auction through the Whisky Shop, with a starting bid of $79,231 (£50,000).

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Dalmore Zenith Whisky

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A galaxy of glittering amber gold laced with facets of black diamonds.
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Pure heaven as exquisite aromas of black cherries, raisins, fig cake and caramelized citrus fruits flaunt themselves in an enticing cluster of unashamed pleasure. Age has not diminished this golden nugget as it shines with layers of over ripe apricots, rich praline, chocolate ganache, coffee esque, intimately interlaced with ginger sultanas and spice. Muscatel and wisteria complete this gallery of delight.

The palate is deep and languorous with a festoon of pistachios, hazel nuts and crushed almonds. However this soon gives way to a sensual array of toasted Colombian coffee, coconut blancmange, cracked black pepper and moist banana cake. The after taste is a fusion of festivities on your tongue as dense notes of frangipane, pineapple, soft liquorice tempered by honeyed mulled wine gently drift over the tongue. The palate is truly rewarded with these rare attributes that only age in the finest woods can only provide. Savor these memorable flavors with reverence and pride.

The Zenith will be available in get Paxil a special crystal decanter that will be known for its unsurpassed quality, along with being housed with the uniquely crafted English oak and Rosewood veneer cabinet. Seems like the perfect jewel in the crown of a coveted collector.

Via: The Dalmore/ Whisky Shop

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