Dalmore’s limited edition whisky: A complete guide to whisky tasting & investing in fine whiskies
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Dalmore’s limited edition whisky: A complete guide to whisky tasting & investing in fine whiskies

Dalmore’s limited edition whisky:  A complete guide to whisky tasting & investing in fine whiskies

Vijay Mallya at Whyte and Mackhay

Dalmore, the revered whisky brand, known for producing the finest of scotch whiskies amongst the connoisseurs and collectors across the world, invited us to their exclusive whisky event, organized at the luxurious island estate of Dr Vijay Mallya, Chairman of Whyte & Mackay at Sainte-Marguerite, Cannes.

The whisky-tasting event was quite different from the whisky tastings at the Napa valley, first and foremost because of the choice of venue, and secondly because of the interesting discussions it revolved around with the who’s who of whisky industry, including master distiller Richard Paterson, Bouvet and Ladubay’s President, Patrice Monmousseau and Indian billionaire, Dr Vijay Mallya.

Whisky tasting eventThe event was as much about enjoying the rare & prestigious range of single malt whisky, including the Dalmore 40-year-old/ 1966 Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky and the 50-year-oldwhisky, as it was about the enriching discussion on “Whisky as an investment,” owing to the sale of the last bottle of the Dalmore 62, which was recorded as the most expensive bottle of whisky sold in retail by Whyte and Mackay at the Tax free world association show in Cannes, for a price of 125,000 euros ($200,000).

Richard Paterson

Some facts about the Dalmore 62 history:-

The Dalmore 62 was released in 2002. It first appeared at an auction back in 2003. The distillery set a world record by selling a bottle of 62-year-old Dalmore for over £25,000.

In 2006, another bottle of the same whisky went for £32,000 to an anonymous business man at the Penny Hill Park hotel in Surrey. Reportedly, after sharing it with friends, the buyer left a tip for the waiter in the form of the last drop of whisky in the bottle estimated to be worth £1,000.

The Dalmore 62, which recently established a record price of $200,000 by a Chinese buyer at the Changi Airport Group in Singapore, is said to be the last bottle of the collection released from the personal collection of Master distiller Richard Paterson.

Investing in Whisky – Liquid Gold!

The high-street drinkers are not just indulging into expensive liquors just for its fine taste, but are also making a wise investment in rare and collectable whiskies, as both can be very rewarding. The market is apparently growing with rare bottled whiskies fetching high prices. Though, the whisky market is still relatively young unlike wine and art, with approx. 1% of whisky bought with investment in mind as compared to approx. 90% of wine bought for investment reasons. There is still a demand for age-old whisky, as most distillers do not have stocks older than 1980.

What kind of returns you can expect:-

Whisky is considered to be a very precious and collectible commodity, and is expected to give you returns as high as investing in gold.

1. If you had bought Dalmore 62, Dalmore Sirius (2009) and Dalmore 64 (2010) on release, it would have cost you £ 129,500, that would worth £ 265,000 today, an increase of nearly 105%.

2. In the space of ten years, the Dalmore 62 (2002) has grown in value and is now worth five times more than the original asking price.

3. The three bottles of The Dalmore Trinitas 64-year-old became the world’s first whisky to break the six figure price barrier for a single bottle. Two collectors paid £100,000 each at launch for a bottle, and the third sold in Harrods for £120,000 rising in value by 20% in less than six months.

4. In 2008, if you had invested £100,000 in the top 250 performing bottles, at the end of Q1 2011 it would be worth £190,530, a gain of 90.53%. And, if for top 100 bottles, the returns would be higher at around 137%.

Tips on investing in whiskey:-

Though, record breaking sales can be readily seen in the whisky market, as with all investments, this one too faces risk. So, to minimize the loss, you should Nolvadex online consider the following things:-

1. Choose the right brand/distillery

2. Choose the right bottle, including the rare bottles and limited edition whisky bottles.

3. Seek brands that have faced distillery closure, resulting in less supply and high demand.

4. Buy retail releases for quick gains

5. Collecting bottles from a single distillery

The top 5 performing distilleries:-

  • · Dalmore

  • · Macallan

  • · Balvenie

  • · Lagavulin

  • · Glenfiddich

Tips on Scotch whisky tasting:-

A fine whisky isn’t supposed to be tossed down your throat just like that. To savor it, you must have to take care of following things:

· You'll need a proper glass for tasting the whisky like a doxycycline monohydrate tablets doxycycline hyclate side effects anxiety cheap doxycycline sherry glass, which has a stem and is tulip shaped.

· Never hold a whisky purchase discount medication! zoloft average price . official drugstore, buy generic zoloft delivered next day. glass from the stem or warm it with your palm, rather hold it from the bottom of the stem.

· When sampling the whisky, pour a little whisky in the glass and swirl it around to coat the inside of the glass, then toss it out.

· When sipping the whisky, hold it in your mouth a little longer to let your palette enjoy a multitude of complex flavors that linger in the mouth. At least, you are advised to keep your whisky for as long as the age on the bottle. For example, for a 40-year-old malt, you should keep it in mouth for at least 40 seconds and so on to let your palette enjoy its unsurpassed flavors.

· Drink your single malt neat, preferably. You can have it with distilled water, but not at all with ice, which dilutes the taste.

The other most expensive Dalmore whiskies:-

Dalmore limited editon whiskies

1. Dalmore 64 Trinitas

Dalmore 64 Trinitas

Dalmore Trinitas featured a limited edition of just 3 bottles, which went on to becomethe world’s first whisky to break the six figure price barrier for a single bottle at £100,000/$160,100 each. Known as the world’s most coveted and exclusive single malt whiskies, it features spirits dating back 1868, 1878, 1926 and 1939. The distillery said that if the 64-year-old Trinitas was sold withthe glass, it could cost up to $32,000 a glass. The Trinitas is made of the rarest and oldest stocks of whisky in the world. Mahesh Patel, an American collector, buy Vermox for child bought the first bottle and the other one went to a buyer from U.K. Each bottle comes with its own display cabinet, which contains a special hidden drawer featuring the authentication documents for the whisky and a key to a lock for the case. The last bottle of the collection was sold at the Whisky Show in Harrods, London for £100,000, a 20% rise in value in less than six months.

2. The Dalmore Oculus

Dalmore Oculus

The rare and one of the last of its kind, the 58-year-old whisky was sold at a Bonhams auction in Edinburgh for a price of $46,400, to an anonymous personon telephone. This rare malt was buy lioresal online after comparing prices. order baclofen without a prescription. how much does and support only. compare the costs of buying baclofen . first selected from cask in 1781 anddistilled in 1951. It was fused with other malts, from as long ago as 1868. It is packaged in Baccarat decanter, which was crafted to capture the light. The exceptional decanter is decorated with a solid silver iconic stag.

3. The Dalmore Eos 59-Year-Old Single Malt

Dalmore Eos 59-Year-Old whisky

The Dalmore Eos 59-Year-Old single malt is named after the Greek goddess of the dawn. The 59-year-old scotch is bottled from the same pair of sherry casks that were used for the Selene, the Dalmore’s highly prized 1951 vintage. Only 20 special decanters of the Dalmore Eos 59-year-old single malt were made available, with each costing £13,000 (about $20,120). The drinking on metronidazole 400mg how much is effexor xr without insurance diovan cheap australia pharmacy safe place order baclofen lopressor online meds  decanter, made from mouth-blown Portuguese crystal, is housed in a precious, yet strong solid steel box.

4. Dalmore 50 Year Old whisky

Dalmore 50 year old

Dalmore 50-year-old whisky was bottled in 1978 into a limited number of sixty beautiful cut crystal decanters. Known as one of the best 50-year-old whiskies ever produced, the limited edition malt is said Nolvadex online to have been distilled in the late 19th century. The rare malt adorns a price of approx.. $15,456.

The event was also notable for the announcement of a new wine partnership between Mallya’s Bouvet-Ladubay, Brut de Loire, online canadian pharmacy store! target pharmacy zoloft price . fastest shipping, generic zoloft medication. and actor Gérard Depardieu.

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