Damien Hirst blings-up Louis Vuitton’s Travel case to mark the Red Cross Anniversary

Andrea Divirgilio / November 26, 2009

hirst lv
Louis Vuitton’s bespoke luggage has always been associated with the discerning traveler. Instead of resting on their past glory, this upscale brand is constantly innovating to design custom trunks along with the high-end designers from the different segments of the industry. Recently, we told you about Louis Vuitton’s customized dog carrier by Marc Jacobs from its “Maîtres du Savoir-Faire” collection for Red Cross, and “95 SECRETAIRE SPÉCIAL CASE,” is another one-off creation from the collection created by the bling personified, Damien Hirst. “Damien Hirst was inspired by the movie Dead Ringers by David Cronenburg in which a display of beauti- ful stainless steel surgical instruments caught his imagination.” The artistic piece wears the iconic skull impressions of Damien Hirst with two silver skulls encrusted in each of the inside of the lids. The twin trunks are crafted in black leather with dark blue velvet interior printed with an array of butterflies individually placed by Damien himself, and feature opposite frontal openings and silver hardware finishing.

The collection offers custom pieces from six masters renowned for their expertise in their respective professions, including chef Ferran Adrià, photographer Annie Leibovitz, musician and composer Gustavo Santaolalla along with Patrick-Louis Vuitton, the head of Louis Vuitton’s Special Orders department, and a member of the fifth generation of the Vuitton family for its Travel Case, Nomadic Photographer’s Bag, Ronrocco Case and Watercolor case in their respective order.

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