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Damien Hirst’s never-before-seen spot paintings go on sale

Andrea Divirgilio / April 9, 2012

When we think of Britain’s modern art genius, Damien Hirst, we are quiet drawn towards in expensive piece of artwork such as the 100 Fish Artwork, which fetched $2.8 million, and the $100 million diamond studded skull, which too was a record breaker of sorts. Now the upcoming Art exhibition in New York City, will have some comparatively more affordable pieces of his work going on sale. No wonder it’s called the ‘Affordable Art Fair’. It will also showcase some of his most contemporary, and color ridden works like the ‘Plastic Skull’ and the ‘Colored dots’ which were earlier not so known. The exhibition goes on from April 18th to 22nd, 2012.

Damien Hirst colored spot painting

Around 2007, when the world economy was in the midst of a recession, one of the exceptional segments of the market was actually going the other way around, which is modern art. Damien Hirst was one of those artists who came into the limelight for his outrageous tastes and richly endowed piece of art, which includes the ones we previously mentioned. Since then the trend has continued, whereby today some of his work including the Plastic Skull has gone on sale, this time for a price tag of £36,800 ($58,417). This skull is reportedly painted with household lacquer, but shows Damien’s penchant for using sharp gamut of colors on the same surface, much to the abstract art lovers’ delight.

Damien Hirst plastic skull

Other than that, there will be the ‘Color Dots’ on display as well. Simply speaking, it shows a white surface filled with various vibrant shades of colored round dots. Though it doesn’t speak of intricate artistry like some of the vintage maestro’s works have, the positioning of these dots and use of color is known to keep the watchers forever interested. Along with this, there will be various other items such as handbags, coffee mugs, and artwork domes which would go on auction through, which is an online forum for acquiring such art pieces. This medium will allow modernist art lovers to scan through more than 130 samples of the artist’s work, and pick the right one at not-so-heavy prices.

Via: Art Daily/ Huffington Post

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