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Daniel Craig Net Worth

United Kingdom
Net Worth $ 65 Million
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Born on: 2nd Mar 68 Born in: United Kingdom Marital status: Married Occupation: Actor
Daniel Craig  net worth is estimated at $65 million.   Daniel Craig is a world famous Hollywood actor mainly known for his portrayal of British secret agent James Bond in movies. Daniel Craig  net worth began to amass  as a stage actor and has also appeared in a few TV programs like Zorro. He then started playing supporting roles in British movies. This made him a known face & he landed roles in a few mainstream Hollywood movies like Road to Perdition, Munich etc. He was catapulted onto the big stage when he was chosen to play James Bond in 2006 in the highly successful secret agent movie series which augmented Daniel Craig  net worth.   In the earlier stages of his career the bulk of Daniel Craig  net worth came from the theater circuit. His earnings have shown a steady upward trend ever since he broke into Hollywood movies. He now charges about 4 to 6 million USD per movie. Being the face of the blockbuster James Bond franchisee has helped him enormously be landing an endorsement deal worth millions of dollars with global watch making giant Omega. His total estimated net worth till date stands at a very impressive 30 million USD.   Daniel Craig has a few luxury toys in his possession, which he loves to ride and flaunt. Daniel Craig  net worth made him own luxury homes in London & New York. His London home is reported to be worth about 7 million USD & his recently acquired New York mansion is estimated to be valued at 11 million USD. He is involved in a lot of charity work & supports philanthropic organizations like ChildLine, Comic Relief, Artists for Peace and Justice , Afghanistan Relief Organization, Worldwide Orphans Foundation & Epilepsy Action. He has raised funds for e few charities dedicated to helping HIV / AIDS victims. These charitable endeavor added charisma to Daniel Craig  net worth. He is a passionate football fan & is an ardent supporter of Liverpool football club.   Daniel Craig has been married twice. His first marriage was to actress Fiona Loudon whom he married in 1992. Unfortunately the relationship didn’t last long & the couple divorced in 1994. The union produced Craig’s daughter Ella. He also was in a relationship with German actress Heike Makatsch for seven years. He is known to have dated film producer Satsuki Mitchell for seven years. After his breakup with Satsuki Mitchell he entered into a relationship with actress Rachel Weisz in 2010 & married her after a six month courtship in June 2011 in a private ceremony attended by very few friends & family members.
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Daniel Craig Estates and Homes (1)

New York apartment

New York Apartment

After their secret wedding, the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and James Bond star Daniel Craig and English actress Rachel Weisz bought an apartment in New York. Reportedly, they spent $11.5 million on this New York building, and they are said to have settled on the plush looking building after an exhaustive property search of the city. Interestingly, the Oscar winning actress and Daniel, became close while filming movie thriller Dream House together.

Location: The apartment is located at 20 Greene Street of SoHo area of Manhattan. SoHo has a rich cultural heritage and refers "SOuth of HOuston (Street)". SoHo was the farmland given to the slaves of the Dutch West Indies Company during the colonial period.

Accommodation: This luxury building is a three bedroom, three bathroom triplex home with a total living area of 4,350 square feet. The couple also has a 2,000 square feet of free outdoor space before the apartment.

Features: The apartment has a media room and a private roof garden for the couple to spend their free time. There is woodburning fireplace in the apartment for the winters. The roof garden has its own kitchen for weekend parties and barbecue dinners.

Neighborhood: The area is full of lofts and galleries of many artists. The SoHo district in New York is full of rich people and celebrities. But, in the recent past some middle class people have also moved in here.

Daniel Craig Autos and Cars (3)

Audi S6

A limited edition black colored Audi S6 is one of the primary vehicles in his luxurious garage.

Craig loves being special in everything he does. Thus, a limited edition black colored Audi S6 is one of the primary vehicles in his luxurious garage. This people friendly car is a superior version of Audi which incorporates lovable features like capacious interiors, blistering speed, all-weather grip, and the world famous brand name. Although not a car enthusiast, Craig gifted this car to himself in order to be the proud owner of a ‘limited version’ Audi species. This Audi creation is a performance centric car with a midsize dimension that allows multiple seating options. Thus, it is assumable that Audi S6 probably meets Craig’s specifications of a family car.

Lexus Rx 350

Daniel has been spotted number of times driving his Lexus

This classy car is meant for the niche clientele. Hence, it is self explanatory why Craig owns a Lexus Rx 350 additional to his Audi S6 sedan. This midsize plush crossover SUV has more things than performance in order to be Craig’s favorite. The spacious interiors, monstrous road strength and alluring high-tech features make it the hot favorite vehicle of a lot of celebrity clientele including Craig. As this onscreen super sleuth is quite down to earth in real life, it was not at all a surprise for someone to see Daniel Craig drive to the sets of the new James Bond movie in his posh Lexus Rx 350.

Aston Martin Vantage Roadster

Daniel Craig drives Aston Martin Vantage Roadster

In a classic case of real life imitating real life, Daniel Craig acquired a brick red Aston Martin Vantage Roadster on the eve of his 45th birthday. Different models of the Aston Martin have been immortalized owing to their association with several James Bond movies. Craig has himself driven an Aston Martin DBS in the movie “Casino Royale”. The English actor reportedly indulged in the luxury Vantage roadster to celebrate his birthday, but the rumors has it that its a birthday present from his wife, actress Rachel Weisz.

Daniel Craig Holiday Destinations(Getaways) (1)

St. Barts vacation

Walking on the beach

In December, 2008 Daniel Craig along with his girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell spent their Christmas vacation in St. Barths. Daniel Craig was mostly spotted shirtless chilling on the beach. They were joined by some their friends on their trip. The group spent lot of time on hikes and swims on the vacation. But, Daniel and his girlfriend spent some time alone on the beach munching a few bags of potato chips.


St. Barts is one of the four territories which comprise the French West Indies. St. Barts is located in the north eastern Caribbean 240 km to the east of Puerto Rico. The island is a popular tourist destination for the rich and famous during the winters and the Christmas and New Year period.


St. Barts has 25 hotels and beach resorts which are classified into 3 Star, 4 Star, and 4 Star Luxe. The prices range from US$ 200 to a few thousands of dollars. The hotels are mostly booked in advance of the holiday season.

Main Attractions

The central attraction in St. Barts is of course is its beaches. It has 14 beaches and is one of the top ten beach destinations in the world. St. Jean is the main beach located near the airport. Other famous attraction is the Gustavia harbor and its lighthouse. There are three ports on the island which were built by the Swedes during the colonial period.

Enjoying water sports

Enjoying water sports

Playing with waves

Playing with waves

Daniel Craig along with his girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell

Daniel Craig along with his girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell
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Daniel Craig Cause (4)

Artists for Peace and Justice

Daniel at Artists for Peace and Justice Haiti relief brunch

This fundraising organization was founded by Paul Higgins and his friends in 2009 in order to support poverty stricken communities of the world and encourage issues of peace and social justice. The most noteworthy effort of APJ so far has been to financially support three schools in Haiti in collaboration with Father Rick Frechette and his team. Daniel Craig is one of the honorary members of the APJ advisory board and helps the organization with generous donations. 

Dorset Wildlife Trust

Daniel supports Dorset Wildlife Trust. A tour through Brownsea's Nature Reserve run by the Dorset Wildlife Trust.

Launched with the noble aim of conserving the natural reserves and endangered wildlife of Dorset, this organization works towards the propagation of this noble awareness among people of all ages and backgrounds. This is the largest charitable trusts in Dorset with as many as 25,000 members. Daniel Craig is one of the active members of the same who has volunteered and donated generously on many occasions, thereby helping Dorset Wildlife Trust raise funds for protecting the country’s wildlife.

Epilepsy action

Daniel and his partner supports Epilepsy action program

Epilepsy action is a UK based charity focused on providing support, information, and advice for people suffering with Epilepsy. It was founded in 1950 as the British Epilepsy Association and changed its name to Epilepsy Action in 2002. It has 100 supports groups across the UK and provides support to people suffering with Epilepsy through phone, email, and information booklets. It also encourages non-laboratory research into Epilepsy and other related areas. Daniel Craig supported Epilepsy action in the form of contributions through the sales of his drawings. The proceeds from the online sales of his drawings in 2007 went to Epilepsy Action to support its causes.

Worldwide Orphans Foundation

Daniel at 5th annual Worldwide Orphans Foundation gala with Satsuki Mitchell

Worldwide Orphans Foundation was founded in 1997 by the renowned pediatric specialist, Dr. Jane Aronson. Dr. Aronson has dedicated his whole life working for the welfare of the children. The foundation functions with the objective of supporting the physical, social, and emotional wellbeing of orphaned children all over the world. The foundation believes that institutionalized children will benefit more if they are integrated with their own cultures in their own communities. To this end, it tries to identify and address the unique needs of orphaned children around the world through medical, educational, and psychological programs. Today the foundation is mostly focused on addressing the welfare needs of children in poor and war torn countries like Bulgaria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Serbia, Vietnam, etc. through their various initiatives. They have recently introduced pediatric HIV treatment in these countries. Daniel Craig extended this support to the foundation for a long time. Daniel Craig along with his girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell supported the foundation by attending the 2009 Worldwide Orphans Foundation Benefit Gala at New York City’s Capitale Lounge in October, 2009.

Daniel Craig Brands (4)

Apple iPad

The Apple iPad is one of the favorite gadgets of Daniel Craig.

The Apple iPad is one of the favorite gadgets of Daniel Craig. He is often seen using the gadget and most recently he was spotted carrying it in the JFK International Airport. The iPad is a tablet computing device from Apple, which was released in January, 2010 and immediately became a smash hit among the consumers. The iPad is essentially an over sized iPhone that performs a lot of computing tasks like internet processing and word processing with great ease.

Nike Toki ND Men’s Shoe

Daniel Craig was spotted wearing the Nike Toki ND Men’s Shoe, which is a perfect blend of basketball shoes and the everyday sneakers.

Daniel Craig was spotted wearing the Nike Toki ND Men’s Shoe, which is a perfect blend of basketball shoes and the everyday sneakers. The upper layer is made of suede and they have a rubber outsole with good durability and traction. Another interesting feature of the shoes is their ultra-responsive cushioning.

Blackberry Bold 9700

BlackBerry devices are the preferred communication devices for Daniel Craig.

BlackBerry devices are the preferred communication devices for Daniel Craig. His recent possession is the new Blackberry Bold 9700, which has a good QWERTY keyboard for easy typing. Other features of the phone include Wi-Fi, push email, and 3.2 megapixel camera with video recording.

Rolex Daytona

Daniel Craig was spotted wearing his Rolex Daytona watch at the 2009 Oscars.

Daniel Craig was spotted wearing his Rolex Daytona watch at the 2009 Oscars. Rolex Daytona is an automatic winding watch with sapphire crystal Stainless steel case with a diameter of just 40mm. It has luminous hour markers for visibility in the dark and a Stainless steel Oyster bracelet with flip-lock clasp.

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