Daniel Marshall DM2 Gold Cigars is about smoking them with royalty

Andrea Divirgilio / March 16, 2012

For those who like to light up with a sense of élan and exclusivity, a cigar stands as a cult symbol, and even goes to the extent of defining a part of their personas. It’s no wonder that this particular pursuit has led to the creation of a premium of these cigars, just like the $18,846 Cohiba Behike 40 anniversary set. Now, cigar smokers can boast of not just using a premium variety of cigar, but lighting them up after they have been given a gold wrapping! Daniel Marshall and Manuel Quesada have joined hands together to produce the DM2 Gold cigars, which will not only hold high quality tobacco, but also hand crafting of each of them, with gold flakes and be packed in a handcrafted cigar box meant exclusively for those with extra cash. It’s no wonder they carry a $1,000 a pack price tag.

Daniel Marshall DM2 gold cigars

With each of these crafted cigars humidified for a year before selling, the flavors emancipating from them that indeed be trusted to be of a ultra-premium quality. The blend inside them contains Nicaraguan puro tobacco which has rich flavorings of chocolate, espresso, and cinnamons with a rather silky smooth creamy texture. Then, the wrapper is created with Nicaraguan Cuban seed’s 5-year old sheets with an Esteli binder and a Jalapa filter. This is then followed by the all famous 24-carat gold flake covering, which is then done by hand to ensure perfection. Daniel Marshall ensures that each cigar is done personally by him, along with marking these cigars by hand, which one can notice outside the cigar container. If perfection is what one is seeking, then be assured that the gold has been acquired from the best supplier in Florence, Italy, who has themselves developed a reputation for refining the precious metal since 1820. Seems like the only accessory fit for these cigars, the Ysenbands’ Gold cigar accessories which also would match up to their standards.

Daniel Marshall DM2 gold cigars

We would never encourage a habit like smoking, but for those looking some premium variety, do take a glance at the Habanos limited edition collection. Comparisons however, would strictly depend upon the individual.

Daniel Marshall at work

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