Daniel Weil’s Clock for an Acrobat is art beyond gravity

Andrea Divirgilio / November 2, 2011

Clock for an acrobat watch

Big round hoops and an acrobat defying nature’s laws to create beautiful visions – this mindset is generally set with the acrobats and their divine art, but designer Daniel Weil is set to change all of that with the Clock for an Acrobat. It uses the similar design patterns to create a timepiece which has been never conceived of anywhere else. Toying with the idea for 25 years, the designer has finally displayed how the same medium of gravity is used by entirely separate entities.

The basic structure of this unique timepiece comprises of a circular clock within a larger circular hoop, similar to that used by an acrobat, both of which have been placed on a track. The clock is the inner most circle, where most of its parts are held together by strategically placed nickel-plated silver and brass rods. The movement of watch is unique, for it keeps moving along the circular track on the outside, along with displaying time, through its crafted minutes, seconds, and hour hands. However, the most gravity defying feature of the timepiece, is the battery which powers the whole working mechanism. Held in place by positive and negative charged power lines, it hangs in mid-air and on weakening of its strength, will show it moving away from its original path.

Since this art is unique, so are the premium materials used to make it. The nickel and ash plated silver and brass frames are supported by paths created with walnut wood of single grain finishing. Each of these have been handcrafted to perfection, and hence made in a limited edition of 10 watches. The main thing unknown is the pricing.

Clock for an acrobat watch

Also do check out the Grey Goose gift box, which Daniel Weil has made in collaboration with John Rushworth. Should tell you about what the artists touch is all about.

Via: Daily Icon/ Pentagram

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