Danielle Trofe’s Hourglass LED Lamps use the power of falling sand to light up

Andrea Divirgilio / May 9, 2013

When there is a desire to set apart one’s personal space into something different, and making an impression amongst folks and friends, the limits of new technology and design know definite bounds. That is responsible for the creation of special designs in the genre of table lamps like the Mafia II gun lamp, the LightDrive LED-less lamp, and the Charlie Davidson crane lamp, that change the surrounding aesthetics all by themselves. Now for those interested in the nuances of science and the potential of innovation, the Hourglass LED lamps by Danielle Trofe would certainly find considerable interest. Powered from the energy derived from falling sand, these hourglass LED lamps proves that laws of science and designing creativity can indeed be bought together for a single concept.

Hourglass LED lamps by Danielle Trofe are powered by the energy of falling sand

Designer Danielle Trofe has not just bought something aesthetic, but done so with technology encompassing the basic laws of physics. When an user flips the hour glass shaped lamp, the falling sand generates kinetic energy which is then converted into electricity to power the LED lamps. So, no extra power consumption, no pollution, and no environmental impact of any kind but with good lighting always; that’s the story of these Hourglass LED lamps. The optimal design would also ensure that light is distributed evenly and reaches where it needs to. However, no word on the price as yet.

These LED lamps have no environmental impact

Via: Design Taxi/ Inhabitat

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