The Dark Knight Rises Batman Backpack crafted in leather for everyday use

Andrea Divirgilio / March 21, 2013

Want to take on the world everyday looking like you walked out of a batman movie sequel shoot? Then get yourself the UDReplicas special edition Dark Knight backpacks, just for $291. This backpack comes as an inspiration from the Batman movie, Dark Knight, where the mythical superhero uses a backpack similar to the one shown here. With the close resemblance and strong crafting skills used, this ‘badass’ pack has been given the official license from the movie makers. The UDReplicas team had earlier created the full ‘batsuit’, and a golden colored utility belt, matching every bit of what Batman puts on in the movie and with its reputation of working on leather for biking suits, they have it spot on. With the groovy looks, it certainly walks ahead of the most expensive backpack by Olsen twins and Damien Hirst, the RLX solar backpack by Ralph Lauren, and the Discovery Carbon fiber backpack.

UDReplicas Dark Knight backpack

The first shots of this bag are in the movie ‘Batman Begins’, from where it carried to ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ movie as well. It was seen for varied lengths in both these movies, which were enough for the UDReplicas to recreate it for everyday use. Perhaps a sneak-peak into the clippings will bring about a recall, but for ardent fans, they just might remember the scenes frame by frame.

UDReplicas Dark Knight backpack

In terms of fabrication, the bag is hard motorcycle grade body armor on the exterior, and form molded leather on the interior. The harness attached besides, are fully adjustable as per size and comfort of the wearer. There is ample space inside to back in 4 bottles of 500ml capacity each, which translates into plenty of space for everyday stuff. Also, there are special slots for your smart phone and tablet to be handled securely. The buckles and strapping accessories have been given the ‘dark bronze’ shading, which comes as much needed contrast to the black carrier. With the whole do, one can now think of taking on the world totally Batman style.

Via: UDReplicas/ Technabob

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