The Dartz Aladeen Edition Prombron to sell for $500,000

Andrea Divirgilio / April 26, 2012

Amongst armored SUV’s in the market, the name which emerges as a top choice for renovated and editions, is Dartz Prombron and there is good reason to believe so. We had previously shown you the L4P Ladies only edition, the golden wheel edition for Russia, and the special Year of the Dragon edition to mark the Chinese auspicious year of 2012. For those that may seen the comic spoof movie last year called ‘The Dictator’, would also have noticed the special armored SUV which has been driven around in it. Well, the same Dartz Prombon Aladeen Edition is now up for grabs, with a price tag of $500,000.

Dartz Prombron Aladeen Edition

Going back to the theme of ‘The Dictator’, Admiral General Aladeen is seen spoofing around his country of ‘Wadiya, with eccentric ways of carrying on his dictatorship. Taking a rather sarcastic dig at the Middle Eastern dictators, this flick was all about the eccentrics of what rulers from the region have been known to indulge in, but all in a comic representation. It turned out to be quiet the crowd puller, and like most hit movies, the memorabilia collection became a sought after thing amongst collectors. One of them happened to be the gold plated Dartz Prombron armor protected SUV.

Dartz Prombron Aladeen Edition

Noticing the demand for the rather extravagant car, a limited edition run of the gold plated SUV has been released, which was unveiled at the Top Marques Show 2012, at Grimaldi, Monaco. Graced by the presence of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II, this event showed the unveiling of the vehicle along with official badge associated with it. Amongst its features were the B2 to B7+ protection, 3-inch thick anodized glass to resist most guns, exotic leather and wooden trimmings for the interiors, reclining massage seats, and champagne chillers just like it was in the movie. The special gold plating of the body also ensures the extra bling factor for this limited edition SUV, which incidentally would also make it the most expensive armored SUV in the world currently. Looks like the orders are already flowing in, and the rich folks in the Middle East might order a few of these extravagant SUVs.

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