Dartz Jo-Mojo electric roadster is for the uber-rich to clear their consciences

Andrea Divirgilio / December 9, 2011

With innovation and futuristic design high on their minds, Dartz Motors have created the Jo-mojo electric roadster, which will be in the league to the previously introduced SUV models, which include the Prombron and Mojo Roadster. Designed by Eduard Gray from Gray Designs, this futuristic SUV sports an electric fuel based engine, meaning zero carbon emissions, which might what the rich would like to use on beachside venues.

Dartz Jo-Mojo electric SUV

Focusing on the eco-friendly aspect of operations, the Jo-Mojo SUV sports a bullet proof body, and also a sunroof which will meet the energy requirements of the car. With a help of a plugging station with an electrical power source, this vehicle’s electric motor would need to be charged for a fixed duration of time before it can start running. This is also complemented by the power generated from the electric retractable sunroof with a built-in solar panel, to aid the energy requirements when the 80HP Motor runs thin on charge. However, it doesn’t mean performance would receive any sort of set-backs. It would take a miserly 9.5 seconds to reach from 0-100 km/ph of speed, while the maximum possible would be 200 km/ph.

Concentrating on eco-friendly energy has meant that the majority of prowess is shown in refreshing additions to the SUV. The interior is known to be rather spacious as compared to others in the league. This gives additional comfort to the passengers inside, who are kept safe from bullets with armored windows, something traditionally associated with creations of the Dartz brand. Though the area of protection limited if you see, but it gives a sensible degree of protection to those that may need it.

Dartz Jo-Mojo electric SUV

While the Jo-mojo SUV remains as a concept till now, it will be first displayed at Monaco’s ‘Top Marques’ Show in the coming year. There will be some attractive color options to choose from as well, which include green, tangerine, purple, silver, and most popularly, black. This would mean a dual colored shading scheme of the vehicle in terms of its exteriors and interiors, something displayed below.

Dartz Jo-Mojo electric SUV

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Via: Dartz/ Freshmag/ Gizmag

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