Dartz Prombron Black Dragon China edition armored SUV to celebrate ‘Year of the Dragon’
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Dartz Prombron Black Dragon China edition armored SUV to celebrate ‘Year of the Dragon’

Dartz Prombron Black Dragon China edition armored SUV to celebrate ‘Year of the Dragon’
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Changes on the rugged SUV will be visible both on the outside Aciclovir online and inside. The most prominent of the lot, is the special black shade on the chassis, which has been given a matt finish. Though a piano smooth finish is what one would ideally expect, but the matte finish is known to create its own charm, and would perhaps match with the brand’s image of being rough ‘n’ tough. After that is the special logo, located on the front grille of the car. Using a yellow gold ring, it houses detailed oriental designs on the inside, along with housing a garland of rubies and diamonds on the inner most circle. At the centre as one would notice, there is an intricately worked gold dragon housed at the position. But the story doesn’t end here either. This is followed by the sterling silver plates on either side, which will again feature a dragon monogram apart from an oriental design alongside. With the black base of the car’s body, the contrast is immensely pleasing for the eye. This vehicle is incidentally 600mm longer than the usual version.

Dartz Prombron Black Dragon China Edition artwork

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On the SUV’s interior, the passengers get to enjoy the 42-inch Philips LCD TV with 3D graphics and satellite connection, along with wi-fi to work on the internet, while being on order colchicine the move. There are also black piano finished trimmings and flooring design with the mythical dragon’s emblem on it. Sterling silver railings and fenders are seen here too. Just in case the exteriors manage to get your attention more, the option for using the electric windows and sunroof is always there. But all of this comes with a price tag of $7.93 million (RMB 50 million) each SUV.

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