David Clark auto-chairs brings luxury car comfort to your drawing room
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David Clark auto-chairs brings luxury car comfort to your drawing room

David Clark auto-chairs brings luxury car comfort to your drawing room

Chair by David Clark- The Veloce

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High-end vehicles have been known for a number of their attributes, one of them which is most common is the passenger comfort. And one major reason for that is the seating within these cars. Now, auto lovers have grown such fascination for these vehicles that they would look to get any possible part of that comfort in their daily lives in the form of furniture such as chairs. We had earlier known the designer David Clark’s expertise in buy Ventolin online the area, though the Ferrari GTB chair, that bought alive the Italian carmaker’s passion into your drawing rooms. His latest series includes the stand alone Veloce, Infiniti and Modena that bring in the style and comfort of multiple vehicle brands.

Veloce which is the main highlight of the series, was a customized chair made for David himself after drawing inspiration from Alfa Romeo. The design as you might see above, combines old world charm of wood and faux leather along with the modern expose of the aluminum hand rests. The engineering has been looked into detail with the each component being sketched out and transferred to 3D Autocad design cheap Viagra platform, where textures and materials are experimented before full dimensional designs are bought forward, and the production process finally begins. To own one sample of this engineered furniture, you would have to shell out $973 for the frame alone, and coupled with the seat; it would cost $1137 apiece.

Modena Chair

Other shot of similar brilliance is seen in the form of the Modena, which is inspired from Bentley’s grandeur and comfort. The side panels of this chair come in 2 options of natural wood or steel with artificial wooden finish and costs $810 for the frame alone, though buying it with the Bentley seat would cost $973. The Infiniti, on the other hand, is borrowed from the Porsche supercars. The seat which resembles those placed at the front of Porsches, comes with a stainless steel frame and is surprisingly light in weight. Hence, easy to move around and suited for office receptions and showroom floor areas. It is priced at $ 647 for the frame alone, but Natrexone without a prescription with the seat it costs $810.

Infiniti Chair

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Via: Dave Clark Designs

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