David Copperfield

United States
Net Worth :$ 150 Million
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Born on: 16th Sep 56
Born in: United States
Marital status: Single
Occupation: Magic shows, acting

Magician of the millennium and a great entertainer, David Copperfield is the most commercially successful magician in the show history. Whether it was vanishing the Statue of Liberty, walking through the Great Wall of China or establishing the cause “Project Magic”, the great American illusionist has been a living legend and a huge crowd puller of all times. The tenth highest paid celebrity in the world is undoubtedly one of the wealthiest men in US. His spectacular illusion and artistry entertained crowd with unabashed amazement.

Born in 1956 in New Jersey, the King of magic was a shy kid who became an accomplished conjurer with progressing age. At age of 12, he became the youngest member to join the society of American magicians, while at 16, he taught “Art of Magic” as a professor at the New York University. His musical comedy show “The Magic Man” became the longest running musical in Chicago and provided David the platform to perform in front of a live audience.

Initially started with four shows a day, the master entertainer currently performs his magic feats more than 500 times a year. He holds the Guinness record of highest annual earning and is currently the tenth highest paid celebrity in the world. His major earnings are an outcome of his stupendous crowd pulling shows comprising stunning magic feats and numerous television appearances, astonishing millions of television viewers. The legendary illusionist has a Net worth of $150 million according to Forbes sources and owns a private island in the Bahamas, which is a $50 million private retreat.  

The great entertainer founded a rehabilitation program “Project Magic” which is a medically certified program employing magic as a therapy to enable patients regains their dexterity and cognitive skills. He has also opened the library of conjuring arts and the International Museum in Las Vegas.

His 1999 documentary Houdini got decent public reviews, after which the master of magic directed, produced and headlined his own movie. David’s career also witnessed allegations of fraud, breach of contract and sexual assault but the magician of the century was literally unmoved by these defaming charges. Even on the personal front David is an achiever, as after two years of his relationship with 26 year French model Gosselin, the 54 year astonishing giant of magic is a proud father of a baby girl.

David Copperfield Islands ( 1 )


Musha Cay Island

owned by
David Copperfield
David Copperfield

Musha Cay is widely regarded as the globe’s most exclusive and luxurious private retreat. With its over 150 acres of white sandy beaches, beautiful turquoise water and a unspoiled environment, the island is truly a magical influence over its visitors. Therefore it does not come as a surprise that the island is owned by the greatest magician and illusionist of our times, David Copperfield.

Location: The Island is well placed between three smaller islands, 85 miles southeast of Nassau. A jewel of the Exuma chian, the isle is located in the southern part of Bahamas.


Accommodation: The resort is spread on more than 150 acres of tropical environment and features superb accommodations like 10,000 square foot private Manor house situated on the crest of the hill and equipped with luxurious amenities including indoor and outdoor fireplaces, plasma TV, steam room, front and back porches or a thatched roof Beach house and other luxury guest villas featuring private outdoor Jacuzzis and beaches. The kitchen of the resort is run by the top-flight British chef Chris Cossens.  Talking in numbers, the island has got five villas, which collectively feature 12 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms (plus a half-bath). The interior designing has been done keeping in mind the Caribbean backdrop and ranges from tropically exotic to whimsically romantic. Artifacts from David Copperfield’s personal art collection accentuate the interiors.


Features: A variety of outdoor activities are offered which keep the guests quite busy. A fleet of pleasure craft,  Black Fin deep-sea fishing boat, wave runners, ski boats and sailboats and a STOL twin engine 9-passenger Islander aircraft are few of the various options that one can choose from to spend their time on this private refuge.


How to get there: Musha has got its 2,200 feet private runway, which makes accessing it quite an easy task.


Rentals: The island resort has played host to celebrities like Tom CruisePenelope Cruz and John Travolta. Google co-founder Sergey Brin was also married on the same resort island. If you want to have a taste of this unconditional luxury, make sure to dig a little deep in your pockets. Because, not only this island is one of the most opulent, but also quite outrageously expensive. For a group of 12, the island rents out at $38,000 a day. And there is another catch, only one group of guests, numbering up to twenty-four, can rent it at any one time

Rich's destination for fun

Musha Cay is the world's most expensive private island resort.

Spectacular ocean view

One of the most peaceful Island on the planet

Pier house

Pier house enriches luxurious living and dining room

Heaven for divers

Musha cay is an ideal place for deep sea fishing and scuba diving

Spacious living and dining areas

Villa at Musha cay enriches spacious living and dining areas

Promises dream escape

Luxurious and vast Musha Cay Island

Tennis court

Championship lighted tennis court at Musha cay. Guests can also play lighted volleyball and badminton on the same court

Beach house

Musha cay is one of the most romantic accommodations

Musha Cay Islands

Luxurious and vast Musha Cay Island

Chess game

Big chess area is designed on the ocean shore of Musha cay

Heaven on Earth

It is a mile of beautiful white sand and crystal clear water.
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