David Linley’s Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Desk is for architectural spaces
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David Linley’s Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Desk is for architectural spaces

David Linley’s Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Desk is for architectural spaces

In ode to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee, LINLEY, the celebrated British design company now brings an extraordinary piece- one that embodies superior furniture designs to reflect and honor one of the most coveted royal traditions through time. A fine specimen of British craftsmanship- the Horse Guard’s Parade Desk is stated to go under the hammer later this year. Themed around the iconic Horse Guard’s building, the disk is expected surpass the $183,851 mark.

David Linley's Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Desk is for architectural spaces

One off jewelry boxes and cabinets from the stable of David Linley has always been popular among architecture buffs with a penchant for all things classy. Their latest piece- the exquisite Horse Guard’s Parade Desk is, therefore, a value addition to an already enriched list. Fashioned from Bombay rosewood and walnut, the desk compliments the Royal occasion in every little way. A brilliantly designed miniature of the Horse Guard’s Building stands on top. For those who did not know, the building was built way back in the year 1745. It is the place where every year Her Majesty’s official birthday is celebrated with the Trooping of the Color. Beach Volleyball during the upcoming London Olympics will also take place in front of the building.

The Horse Guard's Building in London

If the miniature Horse Guard’s Building forms its main gallery, then the desk is supported by eight Doric Column legs. With satinwood stinging and gold plates beading adding to its grandeur and shine, the desk contains six drawers. Two of these have been designed to depict a mounted horse guard in the signature LINLEY marquetry inlay. And if that was not all, three secret drawers make the desk all the more interesting in terms of design and make. Created over a period of several weeks, the desk took up 1400 man hours of cabinet making.

The desk contains six drawers

The Horse Guard’s Parade Box which stands atop the leather writing surface is designed from burr walnut, walnut and sycamore. The same intricate features which mark the desk as a whole come packed inside the Box. These include marquetry inlay, secret drawers and compartments. As an added bonus, the box flaunts hand turned finials. The design reminds us of another desk by LINLEY which made news in 2010. Priced at $100,000, Linley’S Monte Carlo Casino Writing desk had a design very similar to the Horse Guard’s piece.

The design layout of the LINLEY desk

While auction details continue to remain under the wraps, the desk, in all probability, should go under the hammer around September this year. Proceeds from the auctions will go to The Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry. The money will primarily be used to serve three main areas of focus that the Foundation supports. Of these, the first is to help disadvantaged and needy young people. The second is to further the growth of awareness of the need to find better models for resource conservation and balanced development. The third is to support the welfare of those employed in Armed Forces. In fact, this last principle gels with the theme of the desk perfectly as the House Guard’s Parade happens to be Household Cavalry’s main home. LINLEY’S newest offering in honor of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond jubilee is, therefore, synonymous with all things British.

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