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Net Worth $ 60 Million
David Lynch
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Born on: 20th Jan 46 Born in: United States Marital status: Married Occupation: Filmmaker, television director, comic book artist, and musician
David Lynch originally born as David Keith Lynch in Missoula, Montana on 20th January 1946 is an award winning American filmmaker and Director known for his surreal films having a unique cinematic visual appeal. David Lynch’s popularity is not just limited to producing and directing films, rather he has expanded his creative instincts to become one of the finest visual artists by offering his services as a well renowned comic book artist and musician. David Lynch also worn the hat of an occasional actor with equal aplomb, and on many a platforms has personally confessed that painting remains his first love even though he has received worldwide recognition because of his award winning and surrealistic brand of cinema. Lynch titles many of his paintings as organic and violent comedies while enhancing on his unique style, and adds number and words to many of his works on the canvas. He is also one of the first famous western celebrities to have endorsed the use of spiritualism and meditation to make the world a better place and achieving transcendental peace of mind. David Keith Lynch’s phenomenal career as a producer, director, creative visualizer to being painter and musician has not only made him a global icon but has also helped him earn an estimated wealth of around $60 million. David Lynch’s dream imaginary sequence is profound in all his works including musical albums as well as TV and films to such an extent that most critics and fans have accepted it as a unique genre known as ‘Lynchian’. Apart from his creative works and meditational associations, David Lynch is a well known coffee lover and has even launched his own line of special organic coffee known as ‘David Lynch Signature’ on his official website. David Lynch’s love for profound creativity for dream imagery continues to act as a bond between the various creative works he undertakes. From being a painter to a screenwriter to a comic book visualizer to a musician and actor, David Lynch has a wide frame of creative spectrum that seeps into his lifestyle as well. Although, David witnessed mainstream success after the release of his film ‘The Elephant Man’; he then went on to be the first celebrity to unleash the power of internet by launching his website offering unseen movies and music tracks. Meditation plays a very significant role in Lynch’s life as he has been associated with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of the Transcendental Meditation known as TM movement since coming in touch with him in 1975 at an enlightenment Course costing $1 million. David has also authored a book titled ‘Big Fish’ highlighting the impact of Transcendental Meditation techniques on his creative mindset and life. David lynch is currently married to actress Emily Stofle, after the love spiked their work relationship while working together in the 2006 film ‘Inland Empire’. David has had his share of love-hate relationships and has been involved in several serious relationships in the past. David’s first marriage happened in the year 1967 when he married Peggy Lentz but the relationship could not withstand the test of time and the couple divorced soon after in year 1974. Lynch then married Mary Fisk, but the relationship also ended after he began dating actress Isabella Rossellini.
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