David and Simon Reuben | $ 12 Billion
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United Kingdom

David and Simon Reuben


Net Worth $ 12 Billion
David and Simon Reuben
  • Birthday1st Jan, 70
  • Birth PlaceUnited Kingdom
  • Marital statusMarried
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David & Simon Reuben are the joint CEOs of ‘Reuben Brothers’ and are well known for their charity and philanthropic activities. David, 72 and Simon, 69, were actually born in Mumbai to Jewish business oriented family. In the 2012, Forbes List of Billionaires, the brothers were placed second in the list of richest people of UK. Currently their net worth is around is touching well over $12 billion. Prime source of this fortune is their successful venture in investment and real estate. Currently they are both citizens of United Kingdom and both of them are married.   They are famous in UK and also all over the world for being the joint owners of ‘Reuben Brothers’, a multibillion dollar company and also for their spectacular philanthropic activities. Forbes has placed them in the second place, of their 2012 list of wealthiest people in United Kingdom. Today their self made fortune is standing at around a whopping $7.5 billion and still growing at a fast pace. Currently they are primarily involved in the business of real estate and investment. In their early life, Simon and David started their business life with trading in carpet and metal respectively. Later they settled in UK, and their investment in real estate was highly successful there.   The brothers live in their luxurious mansions based in London and Monaco. David lives in the London house and Simon in his Monaco house. Both of them are yacht enthusiasts and together owned an outrageously luxurious 74 meter long Siren yacht, back in 2009, reportedly paying several million dollars. Their yacht bagged the prestigious and glamorous World Superyacht Award in that same year. They were born in India, to a Jewish family. They are self made billionaires and they generated most of their wealth during the economic boom of 1970s and 1980s. Back they started their business with metal trading and some deals in real estate. Despite being in the list of top billionaires in UK, they mostly shy away from any publicity stunt and frequent media appearances. Mostly they prefer to communicate about their private lives through their personal website. They are active about their charitable activities through Reuben Foundation. The foundation is involved in various activities of providing healthcare and education to the needy and deprived.


  • I was the only westerner to succeed in a place that's like a toilet, and you always come out of a toilet with a smell.
  • Business in Russia was not being done like in the West, with contracts. In Russia, hundreds of millions of dollars were going forward and backward by word of mouth.
  • I can't read a computer screen and never use a calculator. It's all in my head and by hand.
  • If you can't make 40% on your money in Russia, you're a fool.

Did you know?

  • They won the Variety Club entrepreneurs of the year award in 2005.
  • They placed second the Forbes magazine List of billionaires 2013, ranking of the wealthiest people in the UK.
  • Their business activities mainly involved real estate both in the UK and abroad, venture capital, and private equity as of 2013.

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