David Tepper

United States
Net Worth :$ 10 Billion
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Born on: 11th Sep 57
Born in: United States
Marital status: Married
Occupation: Hedge Fund Manager
Born David Alan Tepper has an estimated net worth of $10 billion as of April 2014 according to Forbes. Turning headlights on himself by earning one of the biggest paycheck of all time, hedge fund distressed investor Mr. David Tepper joined the ranks of the richest people on the planet in 2009. His firm, Appaloosa Management earned an incredible $7 billion in profit alone with one third of the amount going to his own personal bank accounts. His performance on the market has made him as one of the iconic figures who have made a fortune out of the not so common distressed investing, which remains a topic of curiosity for the general public. Apart from the displaying essential attributes of a successful hedge fund manager, which include a photographic memory, excellent management skills and clear-headed leadership, David Tepper also demonstrated uncanny belief in his actions which often were unconventional.   Raised in Stanton Heights, Tepper worked his way through the college by working at the Frick Fine Arts Library. In 1980, he enrolled at the Carnegie Mellon University’s Master of Science in Industrial Administration (an early version of MBA). After earning his MBA, Tepper was recruited by Goldman Sachs in 1985. Not satisfied from a white collar job at the banking firm, in 1993, Tepper set out to start his own fund. That gave birth to Appaloosa Management, which later turned into a money-spinning machine for him.   Like many of his fellow billionaire friends, Mr Tepper has decided to share a part of his huge fortune for the betterment of others. He donated $55 million to his alma mater Carnegie Mellon Business School, which was duly renamed Tepper School of Business to honor one of its brightest product and also donated $7 million to various food banks. Hedge fund managers generally like to keep a low profile, but Tepper is keen on reversing the trend. He frequently appears in public press, sometimes over his business undertakings and at other times for more personal reasons like ravaging his $43 million, Hamptons Estate just to get a better view of the ocean. He lives with his three children and his wife, Marlene in Livingston, New Jersey. His current net worth stands at around $5 billion making him the 60th richest person on the planet.

David Tepper Estates and Homes ( 1 )


Hamptons home

owned by
David Tepper
David Tepper

Billionaire David Tepper bought an ultra luxurious Hamptons mansion for $43.5million from Joanne Dougherty, once the Senator, Governor and Mayor of New Jersy, and also the former wife of Jon Corzine. The estate sits on more than six acres of oceanfront land, and David has tore down this mansion to rebuild it in to twice its original size, and architect Jaquelin Robertson is responsible to build the mansion as per David’s choice.

Location:  The oceanfront mansion is located in Long Island's plush Hamptons, United States.


Accommodation: The Hamptons mansion boasts luxurious palatial rooms, huge marble bathrooms, a swimming pool and a championship sized tennis court, making it truly a holiday home.


Features: As per the architect Jaquelin, the new property will have a sunken tennis court, a three car garage and second floor decks featuring a covered porch and Jacuzzi. David Tepper will be able to enjoy the serene views of the ocean from the first floor, earlier blocked by sand dunes. David is said to coach his children baseball, softball and soccer teams, probably this could be the reason he bought this 6,165 sq-ft of property.

Tore down view of Hamptons house

David Tepper tore down his $43.5 million Hamptons house to rebuild it to a bigger one with better ocean views.

Closer view of the Hamptons house

The Hamptons mansion boasts luxurious palatial rooms and huge marble bathrooms
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