David and Victoria Beckham buys Damien Hirst baby monitor for baby Harper

Andrea Divirgilio / April 18, 2012

David Beckham and his wife, Victoria’s relationship with the fashion world is legendary, which happens to be ever an expanding one, and something which would be known everywhere in the world. The couple are well-known for their ostentatious lifestyle and spending habits. Besides spending on Hermes birkin bags, luxury cars and on exclusive vacations, the couple is known to splurge on their kids, including the $50k treehouse for their boys. The latest in their expensive baby items, is a Damien Hirst designed baby monitor for their little one, Harper Beckham. An artist who is known for his works like the special edition skateboards, the blinged skull, Flea Design multi-colored guitar, and multi-colored spot painting, has a ardent fan following in the Beckham’s who have reportedly ordered for a baby monitor, amongst other things which total up to £30 million ($48 million).

David and Victoria Beckham with their Damien Hirst collection

Though the art collection has been amassed over a period of 8 years, their thirst for his work seems to be growing, giving the ‘King of modern art’ his most loyal followers and collectors. Victoria Beckham is known to have taken a special liking for the colored spot painting, which she insisted be recreated in the form of a pair of high-heels, set to be worth £250,000 ($399,342). Now that their entourage of kids will have a monitoring device to keep a track of them, especially baby Harper, which might have the same designing theme as the famous Hirst painting. The picture shown above is just an artistic rendering, but people have started wondering what it might look like.

A Bug's life: Butterfly print

However their other collection would include the likes of ‘All you need is love’, which is known to be a favorite because of the use of multi-colored butterflies, and its rather vibrantly tinted red heart beneath. Also there is the ‘Bug’s Life: butterfly print’ which is also a part of the collection, again because of the butterfly motifs. Till then, lets keep fingers crossed for their latest adventure at buying Damien Hirst art pieces!

All you need is love

Via: The SUN

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