DaVinci Audio Labs unveils UniSon MK II turntable

Andrea Divirgilio / March 29, 2010

unison mk ii turntable 1

It’s hard to justify buying a high-end turntable these days, but for the lovers of much wider dynamic range, here’s the UniSon MK II turntable from the well-known Switzerland based turntable manufacturer, DaVinci Audio Labs. Featuring the same physical principles of the cutting machine and stylus that we have seen in the AAS Gabriel turntable, the UniSon MK II is also equipped with a highly stable drive chassis for the liveliness and silent bearings for absolutely zero noise or vibration. Apart from these DaVinci Audio’s signature features, the UniSon MK II comes with height adjustable damping feet to ensure the turntable system is perfectly level. Priced at $27,800 this state of the art turntable can always justify why you need to buy a turntable.

unison mk ii turntable 2

unison mk ii turntable 3

Via: Enjoy The Music/My-Heind

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