DaVinci Driving Simulator Rig – As realistic as it can get

Andrea Divirgilio / June 28, 2008

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Named after the most multitalented human being, Leonardo da Vinci, this driving simulator doesn’t fail to keep up to its name too! Dubbed as the DaVinci Driving Simulator Rig, it delivers most of the auto racing thrills with out much fuss. Focusing only on what is vital and necessary, its inventor has omitted redundant parts of a real vehicle and add the essential functionality for a driving simulator environment. Hence the final outcome is a sustainable as well as adaptable without actually pinching the user’s pockets.

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Consisting of the hardware and direct interface between the user and the immersive 3D world he or she is placed in, it also includes a special purpose computer the ‘Smart Box’ which is used to control the gages and read the pedals instead of a PC.
davinci driving simulator rig2 YYrUv 5784
Users can get it customized as per their needs like steering, and pedals can be fitted for a left or right hand drive. Enhancing the ambiance of a real race arena, it comes with a high quality 5 channel Dolby digital 5.1 surround or 2.1 system.

One of the main features which sets the Da Vinci Rig apart from the competition is the realistic instrument unit unlike the others on market. Do you really need to spend hundred thousand dollars on a racing sports car to quench your desire to race?

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