De Bethune DB25 s Jewellery watch gets its feminine touch
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De Bethune DB25 s Jewellery watch gets its feminine touch

De Bethune DB25 s Jewellery watch gets its feminine touch

The latest De Bethune DB25 watch with a feminine touch

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We had told you about the beautiful De Bethune DB25 watch designed for the Only Watch 2011 auction. The classic collection is back this time oozing with a feminine aura. The De Bethune DB25 s, in its latest Avatar, flaunts an amazing feminine body while maintaining the technical specifications from its predecessor.

The Dial set, in hand polished cheap albuterol blued titanium, mimics the dreamy night sky effect to perfection. Etched on the titanium body, and no less enchanting than their celestial originals, peek an army of 21 diamonds, 44 blue sapphires and 44 diamonds have been used to create the spherical moon which takes pride of place at 12’0 clock. The moon phase display, in a mark of artistic brilliance, has been done to provide accurate results, deviating from astronomical truths once in 122 years.

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Hand chamfered and hand decorated by skilled craftsmen, the main plate represents a fine conglomeration of polished steel parts. Alternating curves, with a Asacol online concave center and convex outer ring, reveals the dial’s depth. In a brilliant representation of De Bethune technology and eye for details, the piece has been provided with specifically designed barrels that reduce friction and ensure maximum energy transmission. The terminal curves in the Silicon/platinum balance wheels come with a flat surface.

Hollowed lugs adorn the spectacular round case much the same way as in the preceding DB25 collection. What’s different is the relative width of the case, which has been re-done in a narrower version to fit female wrists. And that’s not all, for the case further includes 61 baguette cut sapphires to keep the item’s generic estrace vaginal cream. the bowel may purchase estrace overnight delivery be associated with standard heart medication could help improve  female owner happy.

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Hand crafted and hand chamfered by skilled craftsmen

A majority of essential traits which had characterized De Bethune technology back through time are present in the feminine DB25. What you have in return is a watch supported by DB2024 movement, and featuring a fine polished body, silicon/platinum annual balance and a great shock absorbing system. DeBethune whose L’Auberson workshops in Switzerland have always set new standards in horological traditions, have once again left us charmed and awed with the latest feminine version of buy Cialis the DB25.

Via: De Bethune

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