De Tomaso Pantera GT5
De Tomaso Pantera GT5 | $ 67,000
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De Tomaso Pantera GT5

De Tomaso Pantera GT5

De Tomaso Pantera is a very famous Italian car making company and the GT 5 is one of their best models. Successor to the De Tomaso Mangusta, the Pantera GT 5 is a two door, mid engine, hard top, super sports car first produced in the year 1971. The Pantera ruled the market for two decades before being phased out in 1991. The Pantera GT 5 was an exclusive vehicle and the car was built only on request and the last GT 5 was delivered in the year 1992. The car was designed by American car designer Tom Tjaarda and it was a rage back in its time.


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The interior of the Pantera GT 5 is like any two seat sports car in its class and has a wood finish, beige dash board, dual tone leather seats, a carbon fiber and aluminum finish steering bar, an aluminum gear knob, brake and clutch pedal and knobs on the dash board. The problem with the car is insufficient headroom for people over six feet, although leg room is sufficient. There is no practical storage space inside the vehicle and the boot space in insufficient for storing anything. The car was meant for performance and it does exactly that. The car is not exactly feature rich but features the basic air bag for safety. Apart from that the car was equipped with an air conditioner, a host of meters keeping track of the fuel indication, engine temperature, speed, and a fuel indicator. The car comes with a basic CD player and the sound system is not extraordinary. The suspension is however soft and it takes on rough patches with considerable ease. Off road performance is not recommended but the car can handle small bumps easily on the way.


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The Pantera GT 5 is built on a steel chassis and is based on a monocoque design. The car has a mean front grille with retraceable head lamps and the hood has an air cavity for cooling the air cooled engine. The car is available in sun set red, racing blue, mid night black, metallic silver and moon light white colors and the rear spoiler controls the air movement when the car is at high speeds, hence keeping the car grounded. The sleek lines start from the front of the vehicle, moves through the sides and end abruptly at the rear end just behind the rear wheel. This gives the car an overall aggressive look.

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