Golfotron Golf Simulator for decadent golfers

Andrea Divirgilio / October 7, 2008

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If you can’t get your feet muddy, “simulate it” seems to be the motto of the guys behind Golfotron, a golf simulator. Many times you must have avoided hitting the golf course either because it was too sunny, or rainy, or well, you weren’t up to driving to the course. The Golfotron Golf Simulator is an awesome way to enjoy the game and would suit anyone who is looking for a quiet, non-disturbing and, of course, realistic and capable indoor golf simulator. The simulator is powered by Sports-Coach Systems and comes with the latest GPS 3D CustomPlay Program. Thanks to the camera located in the rear, you can see the ball traveling down the fairway, and it comes with a host of software and hardware.

Included in the package are a Sports-Coach Powered Simulator Mat, Sports-Coach Powered Putting Mat, GPS 3D Simulator Program with an unlimited number of courses, aluminum extrusion enclosure with black fire retardant canvas, modular platform with rubber cushioned grass-like carpet, Silent projection screen, PC System with Windows XP, 17-in touchscreen Monitor and others. You will also have the privilege of free updates once you purchase the system, and Golfotron seems to be the right choice for those who love the game and also everything that is simulated. This is one hell of a way to spend money if you have the big bucks.

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