DeLeón Tequila’s limited edition ‘Leona’ is made of pure blue weber agave

Andrea Divirgilio / March 29, 2013

Mexico’s most famous export worldwide, tequila, has been on the bar menu almost where ever one goes. Also, like everything in the luxury, there is a category of tequila which the uber-rich can only thinking of buying. We have seen some collector editions like the Jose Cuervo edition bottle, Hacienda La Capilla which is also the most expensive tequila bottle, and the Dos Lunas bottles, which fell all fell into the elite category of the beverage. Deleon Tequila which is known the world over for its ‘luxury with an edge’ brand persona has introduced a new set of reserve stock tequila, named ‘Leona’. The reason what sets this beverage in an elite category, is that its made from 100% pure weber agave, and the best quality water to create delectable beverage. It all comes packaged in a royal looking for a price tag of $825.

DeLeon Tequila's limited edition bottle Leona

More than just the premium category of ingredients used, the distillation process has been equally crucial in creating the perfect blend, and flavor of the Leona tequila. After using the the best quality of water from the 3 natural springs in Mexico, the beverage has been aged for 34 months in Sauternes Barrels. This gives the beverage an unique texture and which the CEO of DeLeon Tequila, Brent Hocking calls as ‘The Reckoning’. Hocking has also been involved in the aging and bottling of tequila for which he says,

I also blend and age all DeLeón products personally. I believe once you taste the Leóna, you will understand why I call it ‘The Reckoning’.”

DeLeon Tequila's limited edition bottle Leona

The bottles of the Leona have been showcased recently Melrose Avenue outlet in Los Angeles. The outlet will play host to elite parties and tasting sesssions of the company’s tequila as well indulge in some socializing. One will be able to see and buy the Leona in the special black box with the python flask accompanying it, for $825. This is what defines a complete lifestyle statement.

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