DeLorean Bicycle; the most expensive stainless steel bike comes for $5,500
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DeLorean Bicycle; the most expensive stainless steel bike comes for $5,500

DeLorean Bicycle; the most expensive stainless steel bike comes for $5,500

We have already seen world's most expensive expensive bicycles besides the Audi e-bike recently. From bikes made of gold and silver to those made from carbon fiber and titanium, we have seen it all. Now, after BMW, Audi, Range Rover and Mercedes bikes, another iconic cars manufacturer has unveiled its high-en bicycle built out of stainless steel, the DeLorean Bicycle. Well, you might be awestruck to hear the word DeLorean if you admired the movie the ‘Back to the Future.’ Yes, the DeLorean Bicycle, which is priced at $5,500, comes from the same tradition of the DeLorean DMC-12, which was featured in the Zemeckis film.

The DeLorean Bicycle

DeLorean Bicycle comes from the DeLorean Motor Company, which manufactured the DMC-12 and discontinued its production due to bankruptcy in 1982. Thus, the DeLorean DMC-12, which was produced only in 10K units, is still one of the most sought after antique cars in the world. For buying a DeLorean DMC-12, if available, you will have to pay around double the original price of $25,000. It is here the CEO of the motor company Stephen Wynne and Marc Moore, a cyclist and former owner of the DeLorean wanted to build a bicycle just like the namesake car.

Pick up a DeLorean for just $5,500

According to its manufacturer, stainless steel is the thing that attaches the bicycle with the old DeLorean car. Hence, they conceptualized the bicycle with the stainless steel as the only choice for its body. It has been fairly new to use stainless steel for a bicycle, but it was later proven as a brilliant option, the company says. The sturdy and smooth material will give a really new experience for riders, who mainly require smoothness, stiffness, durability and weight for the bicycle.

Unique Gear Mechanism

The DeLorean Bicycle provides complete road isolation while moving on various terrains. It also allows full power to go into the pedals thanks to it stiff body. The bike faces no threat of corrosion and it touts low impact resistance and ease of repair. Better weight of the bicycle, though less attached to the ride quality, provides overall ride performance and feel to the rider. DeLorean Motor Company has applied the Italian-made Columbus XCR tubing, which is known as the most supreme stainless steel material for building bicycle frames.

Overall, the DeLorean Bicycle will be a matter of pride for the rider. If you ever owned or own a DeLorean car, you should buy a unit of the bicycle at least for a showoff. The bike also has a pretty superb design with strong and powerful wheels. The company is to unveil various models of the bicycle; yet, as of now only one model called the DeLorean Anyday is shown on its site as available for grabs. This model makes use of a belt drive apart from the old-school chain. Two other models the DeLorean Speed and DeLorean Cruise are on way. Yes, like the 1980’s DeLorean car, the DeLorean Bicycle also comes for an expansive deal, i.e. $5,495.

Via: DeLorean/CNET

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