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Net Worth $ 100 Thousand
Dennis Rodman
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Born on: 13th May 61 Born in: United States Marital status: Divorced Occupation: Basketball Player
Dennis Rodman net worth is estimated at $-1 million due to child and spousal support debt. Dennis Rodman was earning $27 million just in salary and a few more millions due to his endorsements and a successful basketball career. Fans were cheering for him while others were in the mood to watch and see what this player will be doing on the court. Rodman is known for his aggressive style and his outstanding rebounding abilities in basketball. But what made Rodman unique from the others is his off-court behaviour.  Just like any other kid, he experienced being left by his father. It is said that upon leaving Rodman’s family, his father settled in the Philippines and stared a new life there. Rodman grew up in an all-female family and didn’t miss his father at all. His mother took many odd jobs just to support her children. His sisters were really athletic and were considered assets in their school, however, Rodman wasn’t. He was quite short for a freshman high school student. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop him from fulfilling his dreams in becoming a professional basketball player. His basketball career started in Cooke Country College where he was about to score 17.6 points in average plus 13.3 rebounds. He then decided to try out for the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament. At his pre-draft camp for the NBA hopefuls, he was able to bag the Most Valuable Player award enabling him to catch the Detroit Pistons’ attention-this also marked the beginning of Dennis Rodman net worth. He later on became friends with Bryne Rich and eventually became best friends. The Riches were so grateful to Rodman for the friendship he has with their son that they became his surrogate family and even helping him through college. Rodman played for several NBA teams, Detroit Pistons, San Antonio Spurs, Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas Mavericks and the Chicago Bulls becoming the main source of Dennis Rodman net worth. He was the third pick in the second round for the Detroit Pistons in the 1986 NBA Draft. This is where his professional basketball career started. Although Rodman had several controversies during this career, he lived by his image being a “Bad Boy.” Rodman even tried wrestling for a career. On the March 10 edition of Monday Nitro, Rodman appeared with Hulk Hogan in the World Championship Wrestling. He had several matches but people didn’t seem to like it. In 1996, Rodman authored his autobiography “Bad As I Wanna Be.” From a superstar earning millions and all of it went down the drain, Rodman is still trying to get by every day.
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Dennis Rodman Estates and Homes (1)

Former Newport Beach

Former Newport Beach
Rodman's former Newport Beach house has five-bedroom and it also has two bathrooms. The patio is not much bigger than a few basketball backboards and then opens to the beach.

Dennis Rodman Hobbies (2)


playing basketball
Basketball has been a part of Rodman's life so it will most likely be one of his hobbies.

Going to parties

Being an NBA superstar, Rodman is used to be in the limelight. Going to parties and clubbing is one way for him to enjoy his day after a tiring day of practice or NBA season.

Dennis Rodman Autos and Cars (1)

gold Lamborghini

gold Lamborghini
This flashy gold Lamborghini was owned by Dennis Rodman. However, the Lambo may seem like a sweet ride but don't get too excited about it. Rodman was stopped twice due to speeding while driving this car.

Dennis Rodman Holiday Destinations(Getaways) (1)

North Korea Visit

Dennis Rodman Cause (2)

Boys & Girls Clubs of America

The group is focused in helping people to be able to reach their full potential in producing responsible, caring as well as productive citizens.


PETA was founded in 1980 and they are one of those group who are defending the rights of all animals. They do not approve of any animal to be eaten, worn or even experimented on. They have feelings too and should not be abused.

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Rodman Wears Converse

wearing Converse
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