Denzel Washington | $ 140 Million
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Denzel Washington Net Worth

United States
Net Worth $ 140 Million
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Born on: 28th Dec 54 Born in: United States Marital status: Married Occupation: Actor and Director
Denzel Washington net worth is estimated at $190 million. Denzel Washington is an acclaimed Hollywood actor who won the Academy Award in the best actor category for his widely appreciated role of a corrupt cop in the 2001 movie “Training Day”. Washington has also been honored with an Academy award in the best supporting actor category. The actor has starred in several blockbuster movies like The Bone Collector, Siege, Malcolm X and Philadelphia and occasionally puts in the odd theater appearance for select Broadway productions. A few American universities have honored him with honorary doctorate degrees in recognition of his sterling lifetime achievements. Washington’s standing in Hollywood has ensured his status as one of the richest movie actors in the world with an estimated net worth of 190 million USD. The bulk of Denzel Washington net worth has come from Hollywood movie appearances where as one of the highest paid American actors he charges to the tune of $20 million per film. Denzel has also produced a few films which netted a healthy profit. Washington’s way of living mirrors his no-frills acting style. Despite the huge Denzel Washington net worth he chooses to lead a very low-profile lifestyle and doesn’t indulge in unnecessary luxuries. The Hollywood legend and his family have set up residence inside a gated community in Los Angeles, California. The house itself is pretty spacious and comfortable but not very spectacular in terms of expensive fittings. A Rolls Royce car is the only luxury Washington has treated himself to. The American strongly identifies himself with charities helping out poor African children and puts in a lot of effort to raise funds for organizations like Save Africa's Children and Nelson Mandela Children's Fund. Several American charities have also benefited from his campaigning efforts. Denzel shared an excellent rapport with anti-apartheid legend Nelson Mandela. These acts added charisma to Denzel Washington net worth. The actor has been completely untainted by any touch of controversy in his personal life and has never allowed success to spoil him. Denzel was born in a middle class family and spent most of his early years in New York State. The artist’s father was a minister in the Pentecostal Church and was able to instill very strong religious beliefs in his son. Washington prefers stability in his family life over everything else and has been married to Pauletta Pearson for the past 30 years. The happily married couple is proud parents of two sons and two daughters, his heirs to Denzel Washington net worth. Washington is an avid baseball fan and loves to watch live games involving his favorite team “The New York Yankees” in his spare time.
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