Designer creates world’s first lacquered chess sets for wealthy New Yorkers

Andrea Divirgilio / November 24, 2009

gelmans chess sets
The intellectual game of chess is equally known for the royalty associated with it. We have earlier seen some of the luxurious adaptations of this board game from designers worldwide, and these limited edition lacquered chess sets from Japan Brand are the latest addition to the list which will appeal to chess-lovers and collectors alike. Design works of New York designer Alexander Gelman, the chess sets are created in four different kinds of Japanese craftsmanship: fuki-urushi, or wood lacquering; makie, or gold lacquering; platinum lacquering through haku or leaves; and kutani, which is hand-decorated ceramic pieces with intricate textures and patterns.

gelmans chess sets2

“I want them to get as excited as I am,” said Gelman of his fellow New Yorkers.”New York is probably the fastest city, where time is really precious,” Gelman said. “But just seeing these (pieces), and thinking about somebody taking the time to make them 100 percent and not trying to find a ‘faster’ way…it’s a good thing for New Yorkers to think about, an alternative way to look at life.”

gelmans chess sets4
The chess sets are on display at the Fellissimo Design House in midtown Manhattan, and will be available for made to order for a price ranging from $80,000 to $123,600, depending on the craftsmanship. These world’s first lacquered chess sets will make a perfect Christmas gift for collectors.

Via: BreitBart

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