Destino Samurai bike combines vintage styling with Japanese artistry

Andrea Divirgilio / December 27, 2011

There is something about the vintage bikes, just the cars, which draw the enthusiasts to it like magnet. The exposed tyres, unique body design in the longer frame, combined with vintage machismo combined with artistic detailing become the ultimate fetish for biking lovers. We earlier saw the Poros Customs Musashi Miaymoto bike fitting this bill, and challenging this status (according to us), is the Destino custom made Samurai bike. Built by Zero Engineering, this custom made motorcycle was unveiled at the Sydney Motorcycle Show, where it grabbed considerable attention from the rest. When it’s on the road, it’s bound to get some envious attention, looking at the fine quality crafting that’s gone in.

Destino Samurai Japanese style bike

Samurai, as one may know, relate to the ancient royal army of warriors in Japan. Keeping in mind their simplicity of the thought process in relating to combating situation, the bike carries the similar ‘nude’ like design in all of its body. Without the modern day carriers and the now common tyre cover, one sets back to the bygone era when motorcycles were made keeping in mind the similar theme. After that is the bespoken additions such as the gold worked braking handle, gold enameled branding on the rear casket, and the rather intricate central brass artwork on the fuel tank. All of these are complementary to the royal blue base, which has wooden colored Samurai themed artwork done on it. The rather classic touch also come through the single brown leather seat for the driver.

Destino Samurai Japanese style bike

In terms of the techno parts of this mean machine, there are internal mono-shock suspensions, twin disk brakes for hard braking, and the 1,100 cc v-twin engine which shall lend the mean machine the much desired thrust, for the ultimate ride. The credit of it all goes to the duo of Jimmy B & Nik, who have managed to integrate so much classical and contemporary styling together. No wonder, already 4 of these have been ordered by select customers as a part of their collection. Almost the perfect toy for mean, low-riding, and macho biking!

Via: Destino/ Pipeburn

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