Devialet® D-Premier amplifier discreetly vanishes behind music

Andrea Divirgilio / March 31, 2010

devialet aamlifier 1

With their undying thirst for technology and innovation, Devialet® D-Premier has revealed a preamplifier equipped with the ADH® core (Analog Digital Hybrid). The amplifier is blessed with generous power and sensible features like compatibility with a wide range of loudspeakers, the best signal-to-noise ratio, the lowest intermodulation, the lowest output impedance, etc. The D-Premier comes in a luxurious, 32 mm high carved out and polished aluminum block, to place it horizontally, or hang it on the wall in a vertical position. Apart from the technical upgrades, the D-Premier comes with a removable cover to hide all the inputs for a discreet installation and to perfectly blend in your interior home décor.

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Via: Absolute Sounds

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