DeVon Franklin | $ 10 Million
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United States

DeVon Franklin

Columbia Pictures

Net Worth $ 10 Million
  • Birthday1st Jan, 70
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  • Marital statusMarried
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Born DeVon Franklin has an estimated net worth of $10 million.  Franklin is an American film producer. Franklin has accumulated his net worth from his works as an executive at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and as Vice President of Production for Columbia Pictures, a division of Sony Pictures Entertainment. His production projects included "The Karate Kid", "The Pursuit of Happyness", "Hancock", "Not Easily Broken", and "Jumping the Broom". Franklin graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Business Administration minor in Cinema-Television. DeVon is a published author, a motivational speaker, and a preacher who has been featured in multiple magazines including Essence and IAE. DeVon is the author of 'Produced by Faith: Enjoy Real Success Without Losing Your True Self.' DeVon is married to actress Megan Good whom he met in the set of “Jumping the Broom”.


  • When I was nine, my father died of a heart attack at age 36. Part of my therapy was going to film and movies. It actually planted a seed for me.
  • [I thought] ‘How can I be behind the camera? How can I help create those images? How can I be a part of that process that is able to facilitate change in the world?’ Going through such a difficult experience really was what got me the most interested in Hollywood and pursuing a career in film.
  • Definitely. I feel that part of my purpose in life is to make movies. [It’s to] make films that challenge the way that we think, will inspire us, will give us hope, will empower us.
  • One, what's the commercial prospect of the film? You want a movie that has a high-concept idea, something that you believe will actually work, that people will actually go see.
  • Then, as an executive, what are your tastes? [I ask] do I fundamentally get where the target is for this film? And can I help champion this film to help it get there? If the answer is yes, then it's usually something I will advocate.
  • It's a beautiful dilemma or dichotomy. Faith without works is dead, and faith is the substance of things that we hope for, the evidence of things that aren't seen. So what we have to do is continuously have faith in God's plan.
  • We do control how we wake up in the morning, how we approach the office, if we come in the office and we work hard. But what we have to recognize is that, in having faith, we give Him ultimate control to guide us wherever He would have us to go.
  • And there are times where, literally, I get so frustrated. I'm trying to move this movie forward, and then I look at myself and I say ‘Man I’m missing it! Lord, I'm trusting myself.’ In those moments I have to remember that God is in control [and] trust that He is going to guide this process where He would have it to go.
  • The first thing is that you have to be a thousand percent sure that this is the business that God is calling you to do. If you're not sure why you're doing it, or if you're chasing Hollywood for fame or fortune, once you get in, you'll do anything, including compromise who you are or your faith, in order to achieve what you consider success.
  • Commit to the process of success. If you do, through all the challenges, God will certainly allow you to get to where you're trying to go.

Did you know?

  • DeVon Franklin is an Seventh-day Adventist preacher.
  • DeVon Franklin was a celibate for 10 years before he married Megan Good.

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DeVon Franklin Wedding (1)

The couple's Spanish and bayou-themed wedding celebration took place on June 16, 2012, in Malibu, California. Good walked down the aisle to "These Arms," performed by Jeffrey Lewis of the Craig Lewis Band, wearing jewels by Beverly Hills's Jason the Jeweler and in a custom R-Mine gown with a purple dipped train.

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