DH1 Disaster House: A home away from home for hurricane victims

Andrea Divirgilio / June 28, 2007

dh1 disaster house 48

Want to take your home with you wherever you go? You need to take a look at the DH1 Disaster House built by California architect Gregg Fleishman. Made from sustainable European birch with phenolic resin finish on both sides, the 14-foot-square structure can be assembled in no time without the need of nails or fasteners. Perfect for those who live in hurricane affected areas, the floor of the Disaster house is 30 inches off the ground. But, it’s not completely waterproof, so you might need a plastic or canvas to wrap it. And yes, don’t forget to tie it to a concrete slab in all the four directions. The price tag of $22,000 for this nifty creation is certainly a lot to the hurricane victims but it might come down if they use some less exotic materials.

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